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    Course Descriptions

    ENV 111 Astronomy

    3 credits
    Study of the heavens. Topics include the life cycle of stars, phases of the moon, a descriptive study of the planets and constellations, and the evolution of our concept of the universe from Ptolemaic beliefs to modern cosmology. Includes laboratory.

    ENV 113 Geology

    3 credits
    An introduction to physical geology with an emphasis on those processes acting to create rocks and minerals, landforms, and structures in and on the earth. Includes laboratory.

    ENV 115 Environmental Science

    3 credits
    Study the complex relationships between the Earth, the atmosphere, and living things, with a critical evaluation of human impacts on natural processes. This is an interdisciplinary class that builds from topics that include meteorology, oceanography, biology, chemistry, physics, and economics. Discover the science behind real world problems facing society and emerging solutions to those problems. Not open to students with credit for ENV 110 and 112 and 114.

    ENV 116L Food, Water, and Energy

    4 credits
    This course is a survey of three critical elements of the human environment, food, water and energy. It includes human‘s search for these necessary quantities and how their exploitation by the human race impacts the environment in general. This class integrates food, water and energy with environmental exploration and describes the natural world and how humans affect it.

    ENV 240 Understanding NEPA

    3 credits
    An introduction to the working language of environmental policy and management as mandated by the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) and the Clean Water Act. Emphasis will be placed on learning to understand, comment on, and write Environmental Assessments (EA), Environmental Impact Statements (EIS), and permits required by the Clean Water Act. Prerequisites: BIO 107 or BIO 203; ENV 110 or ENV 115.

    ENV 279A CORE: Applied Sustainability

    3 credits
    What is sustainability? How is it addressed across a range of disciplines? How can we understand how to live sustainably, in community from the local to global perspective? An integrated approach will apply understanding and advances in architecture, business, chemistry, biology, education, psychology, and ecology to living sustainability in community with others and the environment. Prerequisite: CORE 179 or appropriate transfer status. Pre- or Co-requisite: ENG 102 or ENG 111. This course fulfills the science requirement for non-science majors. Not open to students with credit in ENV 230.

    ENV 320 Water Resource Management

    3 credits
    An exploration of watersheds, stream ecology, and water as a human resource. The course will examine aquatic ecosystems, human impacts on water resources, and the growing freshwater crisis. Course contains a significant field-based lab experience. Prerequisite: BIO 107 or BIO 202.

    ENV 386/486 Independent Study

    1-3 credits

    ENV 497 Internship and Capstone

    1-3 credits
    An intensive class investigation into an environmental problem in central Ohio. Students will be involved in the direction of the course. Students will also be active in an internship of their choice, working at least 50 hours per credit hour on real world environmental problems. Class time will involve reflections on this experience. Three credits are required for program completion. Prerequisites: Junior standing or permission of the instructor, and successful completion of at least 12 semester credits in the major.