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    Degree Offered: Bachelor of Arts 

    Licensure Offered: Arts Education - Multi-Age 

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    Graphic Design Students will focus on art materials, techniques and developmental theory for use in classrooms, pre-kindergarten to grade 12. Age appropriate evaluation techniques, cross disciplinary planning, whole curriculum development, multicultural theory, critical analysis, and student portfolio development will be emphasized as will classroom management techniques. The Arts Multi-Age licensure provides students with both the technical and theoretical knowledge to use confidently and thoughtfully while preparing students for the National Proficiency Exams in Art. 

     Requirements for B.A. or Licensure in Arts Education

    See course descriptions for prerequisites and co-requisites   
    Degree-seeking students must complete the core requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree in addition to the major requirements listed below.
    Licensure-only students, those who completed a bachelor's degree prior to beginning this program, need only the requirements listed below.
    ART 101 Academic Drawing 3*
    DSN 112 Foundations in Design 3*
    ART 140 Introduction to Painting 3*
    ART 150 History of Western Art I 3*
    ART 151 History of Western Art II 3*
    ART 203 Observational Drawing 3*
    ART 237 Art for Teachers 3*
    ART 262 Color Theory and Production 3*
    ART 337 Visual Art Methods: Grades 4-12 3*
    ART 498 Senior Exhibition 3*
    Select nine credits from the following: 9*
    ART 116 Introductory to Photography 3
    ART 156 Ceramics I 3
    ART 210 Botanical Illustration 3
    ART 215 Introduction to Textiles 3
    ART 220 Introduction to Book Arts 3
    ART 270 History of Women in Art 3
    ART 312 Green Art 3
    ART 320 Materials Exploration 3
    ART 325 Contemporary Art 3
    Suggested Correlative (not included in total credits): 3
    ART 279A CORE: Global Community in Art 3
    Required Professional Education Courses:  
    EDU 112 Introduction to Teaching: Adolescent to Young Adult 3
    EDU 220 Educational Psychology 3
    EDU 314 Content Area Reading 3
    EDU 346 Adolescent to Young Adult and Multi-Age Methods 3
    EDU 379A CORE: Principles of Education 3
    EDU 487 Supervised Teaching: Adolescent to Young Adult/Multi-Age 12
    EDU 488 Teaching Seminar: Adolescent to Young Adult/Multi-Age 1
    Total Credits Required 70*
    *used to calculate the Major GPA