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  • Integrated Language Arts Education: Grades 7-12

    Degree offered: Bachelor of Arts

    Licensure offered: Integrated Language Arts 7-12 

    The Integrated Language Arts Licensure (ILA) Program is a professional teaching major in the language arts. Unlike previous certification programs that focused on single content areas, students in this program complete a comprehensive array of courses in the field of English language, literature, world literature, and theory and composition. In addition, courses on pedagogy and effective teaching are important components to this program. Technological, research, and lifelong learning skills permeate the program; thereby, creating a highly competitive and comprehensive degree that benefits students in the short and long term.


    Requirements for a B.A. or Licensure in Integrated Language Arts Education

    See course descriptions for prerequisites and co-requisites
    Degree-seeking students must complete the core requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree in addition to the major requirements listed below.
    Licensure-only students, those who completed a bachelor's degree prior to beginning this program, need only the requirements listed below.
    Foundations in Genre, the English Language, Historical Periods, Diversity & Theory:  
    ENG 205 Literary Research Methods 3*
    ENG 215A Survey of British Literature I 3*
    ENG 215B Survey of British Literature II 3*
    ENG 216 Survey of American Literature   3*
    ENG 357 World Literature 3*
    ENG 479 CORE: Literature Theory/Practice 3*
    Select one course from the following: 3*
    ENG 450 Studies in the Novel  
    ENG 452 Studies in the Short Story  
    Select one course from the following: 3*
    ENG 455 Studies in Poetry  
    ENG 456 Studies in Drama  
    Select one course from the following: 3*
    ENG 460 The Age of Chaucer  
    ENG 463 The Age of Shakespeare  
    Oral, Visual and Written Literacy:  
    ENG 348G Film and Literature 3*
    Select one course from the following: 3*
    COM 105 Public Speaking  
    COM 132 Interpersonal Communication  
    Adolescent Literature:  
    EDU 120 Teaching Reading through Literature for Children and Young Adults 3*
    Writing, Technology and Writing Theory:  
    Select one course from the following: 3*
    ENG 220 Professional Writing  
    ENG 322 Creative Writing  
    ENG 326 Advanced Critical Writing  
    Culture and Diversity:  
    Select one course from the following: 3*
    ENG 342 African Literature   
    ENG 343 Literature of American Diversity  
    ENG 451 Studies in Women's Literature  
    Required Professional Education Courses:  
    EDU 112 Introduction to Teaching: Adol to Young Adult 
    EDU 220 Educational Psychology
    EDU 314 Content Area Reading
    EDU 346 AYA and Multi-Age Methods
    EDU 379A CORE: Principles of Education 3
    EDU 355 AYA Language Arts Teaching Methods
    EDU 487 Student Teaching: AYA 12
    EDU 488 Teaching Seminar: AYA 1
    Total Credits Required 73
    *used to calculate the Major GPA