• Sarah Shumick

    Enrollment COUNSELOR

    (614) 251-7648

    "I think the favorite part of my job in general is when I meet with a prospective undergraduate student who just doesn’t have a whole lot of confidence, and is overall very nervous about the idea of going back to school.

    Maybe they tried going to college right out of high school and it didn’t work out—whether they partied through their first semester and didn’t pass their classes, or life circumstances prevented them from continuing.

    Whatever the situation may be, they now realize the value of an education. But it’s terrifying for them to “try again,” since things didn’t work out the first time (or two) around. And now—they have so many other responsibilities that they didn’t have back then (full-time job, children, family responsibilities, etc.).

    Going to school on top of all the other things they have going on seems impossible. What happens throughout the enrollment meeting is that their confidence starts to come back and they experience a sense of relief because they realize that they will be taking classes with students who are in the exact same boat as they are.

    They find out about how much support they’ll receive from the Adult & Continuing Education program staff, from their instructors and from their classmates; and they begin to see that earning a college degree is possible."

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