• Jacob Smith

    Class of 2017
    Math, Education & Theology
    Hometown: Columbus

    Jacob SmithI wanted to come to a private university to learn theology. I want to be a Catholic school teacher and I know I won't make tons of money teaching, so I needed to keep the cost of college down. Ohio Dominican offered me the best scholarship and aid package.

    I qualified for Honors aid and received a Bishop scholarship as part of my total package, so my parents said they could cover tuition here if I took care of my other expenses. 

    ODU also was close to home, so I could commute and save even more money.

    I knew my parents were going to help me. I want to take a year off after school to volunteer and that would be hard if I were in too much debt. 

    My tuition is about the same as it would have been at Ohio State. I actually took one math class over at Ohio State, and what struck me is the size – it's a big place. You may see people you know on a campus that size, but here you see people who you have a relationship with. My professors know me and keep me accountable.

    A lot of the teachers at my high school, Bishop Hartley in Columbus, went to ODU, so I knew I’d get a great education here. Plus, I worked at Catholic Youth summer camp over the summer and I had several Hartley friends who were coming to Ohio Dominican.

    I'm in the Honors Program and we have a lot of events and activities. I really like the community feel we have here.