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  • Tornado Safe Areas by Building

    These areas on campus have been designated as safe areas to gather during a tornado or severe weather situation.

    • Alumni Hall – 1st floor locker rooms or hallway outside of the locker rooms.
    • Aquinas – If you are in a 1st floor room, stay in your room, get under desks or bed. If you are on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th floor, go to stairwells or 1st floor hallways..
    • Battelle Hall – 1st floor restrooms and storage spaces.
    • Bishop James A. Griffin Student Center – 1st floor in the food service hallway/ dock area.
    • East Campus Building - 1st floor interior hallways.
    • Erskine Hall – Panther Plaza near stairwell NOT where there is the high ceiling and interior hallways.
    • Fitness Center – Locker rooms.
    • Fitzpatrick – Basement as close to the west end of the building as possible, not in stairwell.
    • Guzman – Basement.
    • Guzman Annex – Basement.
    • Hamilton Hall - Interior kitchens.
    • Las Casas – Basement.
    • Lynam – 1st floor north end of building.
    • Physical Plant – Main hallway with the doors closed.
    • Sansbury – 1st floor western hallway with the doors closed.
    • Siena – If you are in a 1st floor room, stay in your room, get under desks or bed. If you are on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th floors, go to stairwells and 1st floor hallways.
    • Spangler – Bottom floor outside of the LVC..
    • St. Albert’s – 1st floor in the storage areas and restrooms. If unavailable, then interior hallway with doors closed.
    • Wehrle – Bottom floor, ceramics room. If closed, go near restrooms or in photo lab.

    These locations are NOT safe to be in during a tornado.

    You must exit these locations, move toward the lowest ground possible and get down if a tornado touch-down seems likely. 

    • Batting Building – Get out and head down to the baseball field (ditch).
    • Maintenance Garage - Get out and head towards the creek. 
    • SRC – Get out and head toward the creek. 

    AED (automated external defibrillator) Locations

    • Alumni Hall – Stairwell to coach’s offices (owned by Athletic Department).
    • Alumni Hall – In Fitness Center.
    • Bishop James A. Griffin Student Center – On wall outside the Public Safety Office.
    • East Campus Building – 1st floor on wall across from restrooms.
    • Erskine Hall – On wall outside Room 133.
    • Fitzpatrick Hall – On pillar in front of the Fishbowl.
    • Spangler Learning Center – On pillar on main floor east side of building.
    • SRC – In Training Room (owned by Athletic Department).