Sample Four-Year Academic Plan

    The sample course plan below is a sample plan for your major;  it does not and should not replace meeting with your Academic Advisor to map out the best course plan that suits your individual academic needs and placement upon initial registration.  Classes listed may not necessarily be offered during a particular term.   Full descriptions and requirements for all ODU majors, programs and courses are available in the ODU Catalog.


    FIRST YEAR (Freshman) 

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    ENG 101 English Composition I 3   ENG 102  English Composition II 3
    ART 101 Academic Drawing 3   ART 151 History of Western Art II 3
    ART 150  History of Western Art I 3   ART 203 Observational Drawing 3
    Freshmen Core Seminar 179 3   ART/GD 112 Foundations in Design
    (Take this ASAP) 
    Elective (Use this course to explore
    a possible minor)
    3   MTH 121: Mathematics for
    the Liberal Arts
    (Math placement is necessary) 

    SECOND YEAR (Sophomore)



    Fall Semester      Spring Semester   
    ART/GD 262 Color
    Theory and Production
    3   ART 331 Design II 3
    ART 207 Design I 3   ART 204  Typography 3
    Language 110 (if necessary)  3   Language III 3
    Sophomore Core Seminar 279
    Art and Community (suggested) 
    3   Social Science I**
    (floating time slot) 
    Elective: ART 116 Photography
    3   Elective 3
          ART/GD 266 Portfolio Review 1

    THIRD YEAR (Junior)

    Fall Semester      Spring Semester   
    ART 380 Design III 3   Theology Requirement*
    (floating time slot) 
    ART 325 Contemporary
    Art and Design
    3   ART 333 Design Production 3
    Philosophy Requirement*
    (PHL 320 Aesthetics suggested) 
    3   Social Science II*
    (floating time slot) 
    Junior Core Seminar 379 3   ART 480 Design IV 3
    Elective 3   Philosophy Requirement*
    (floating time slot)
    Internship suggested over the

    FOURTH YEAR (Senior)

    Fall Semester      Spring Semester   
    CORE/ART/GD 479
    Professional Practices
    3   ART/ART ED/GD 498 Senior Thesis 3
    (ENG) Literature*
    (floating time slot) 
    3   History*
    (floating time slot) 
    Natural Science*
    (floating time slot) 
    3-4   Theology 2XX or above*
    (floating time slot) 
    Elective 3   Elective 3
    Elective 3   Elective 3

    *At least one Philosophy and one Theology course must be at the 200 level or higher.
    **Diversity requirement could be fulfilled with this course.

    For more information, please contact your Admission Counselor or Academic Advisor at (614) 251-4500 or admissions@ohiodominican.edu