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    By interacting with prospective students and their parents, Student Ambassadors play a crucial role in recruiting future ODU students.

    Andrea Haller 


    Grad Year: 2016
    Major: Early Childhood Education with a Generalist Endorsement and Intervention Specialist (Mild-Moderate)

    Why I Choose ODU: After having 11 relatives attend Ohio Dominican, it is fitting that I attend the university. Once I started looking into ODU, I realized why my family loved the school. There was a spirit about ODU’s campus that was not present on other campuses. I am proud to say that I am a third generation Panther and Ohio Dominican is in my blood.

    Advice for Incoming Students: Get to know your community! There are many great opportunities at Ohio Dominican, but you need to take the step to get involved. You will meet great people and share unforgettable experiences. 

    Austin Green 


    Grad Year: 2016
    Major: Business
    Hometown: Columbus, Ohio 
    Carrie SA 


    Grad Year: 2016
    Major: Business Administration & Public Relations
    Hometown: Newark, Ohio

    Why I Chose ODU: I chose ODU because it felt like home. Everyone was so nice and welcoming, and the academics are great. I originally came because I loved the science program, but then fell in love with the business program.

    Advice for Incoming Students: Incoming freshman should join clubs ASAP! They are a great way to get to know people and boost your resume as well.

    Cassie SA 


    Grad Year: 2015
    Major: Early Childhood Education & Intervention Specialist Certification
    Hometown: Wheelersburg, Ohio

    Why I Chose ODU: I chose ODU because of the small class sizes and the great Education program.

    Advice for Incoming Students: Be as involved and active as possible during college.

    Chloe SA 


    Grad Year: 2016
    Major: Theology
    Hometown: Columbus, Ohio


    Grad Year: 2015
    Major: Middle Childhood Education
    Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

    Why I Chose ODU: I chose ODU because it is a small school that is close to home and I felt welcomed. I graduated from a small high school, so I felt right at home. I love how easy it is for me to get access to resources, like the tutoring services or an advisor to talk to.

    Advice for Incoming Students: Take advantage of your resources and get all the help you can. Try to be involved with the campus. Work hard and enjoy your school. 



    Grad Year: 2016
    Major: Biology. Minors: Chemistry & Psychology.
    Hometown: Avon, Ohio

    Why I Chose ODU: When I went on my tour and I saw everyone saying "hi" to each other by name, it gave off this family feel. That is what I wanted in a school because, after all, it is your new home for four years! I like knowing a majority of the people on campus and due to its small size you are able to have close relationships with a lot of people, including your professors.

    Advice for Incoming Students: Come to college with an open mind. An open mind will allow you to get involved in activities that you have never tried before but may enjoy, and encourage you to accept and form new opinions in and out of classroom life.


    Grad Year: 2016
    Major: Integrated Social Studies Education
    Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

    Why I Chose ODU: I chose ODU because of the small campus within Columbus, the football team and great Education program.

    Advice for Incoming Students: Enjoy your time in college! Get involved in something, whether it's sports, intramurals or clubs. Also, connect with your professors well because that could be the difference in them writing you a recommendation letter for grad school or a job.

    Kaitlin Perfect 


    Grad Year: 2016
    Major: Public Relations. Minor: Sport Management

    Why I Chose ODU: When I was deciding between colleges, I chose ODU because this is the university where I felt the most comfortable. I like the small campus atmosphere, the suite-style dorm rooms, and all the activities that ODU always has going on.

    Advice for Incoming Students: Get involved in clubs and organizations on campus. You'll meet people and make lifelong friends. Always embrace having the opportunity to go to college and getting an experience like this. “The only difference between you now and you five years from now is: the people you meet, the books you read, and the things you do.”



    Grad Year: 2015
    Major: Exercise Science
    Hometown: Pickerington, Ohio

    Why I Chose ODU: I chose ODU for the individualized attention both in the classroom as well as on the track. When I visited, the staff and the students were all very nice and down to Earth. The teachers here choose to teach here because they want the communication and personal connections with the students. Their teaching often goes far beyond the classroom.

    Advice for Incoming Students: Take advantage of every opportunity you can in college. It is a once in a lifetime experience. Get involved, take risks, study abroad, and make as many connections as possible.



    Grad Year: 2015
    Major: Integrated Language Arts Education
    Hometown: Galloway, Ohio

    Why I Chose ODU: I chose ODU because when I visited campus I had a sudden epiphany of what I wanted to do with my life: Education. I felt that ODU's campus was a direct cause of this insight so I refused to look elsewhere. I knew this university was the one for me.

    Advice for Incoming Students: Get involved! Being involved is a great way to meet new people and to grow not only as a student, but as a person.



    Grad Year: 2015
    Major: Public Relations & Marketing Communication. Minors: Business Administration & History.
    Hometown: Hilliard, Ohio

    Why I Chose ODU: I chose ODU because I liked the idea of going to a small school that was close to home. I was also undecided at the time and felt that ODU had a lot to offer when it came to picking a major.

    Advice for Incoming Students: Get involved as soon as possible! You meet more people and it's a lot more fun when you keep yourself busy!