The Four Pillars of Dominican Life

A Foundation of the ODU Experience

St. Dominic de Guzman, an itinerant preacher and Ohio Dominican's namesake, founded the Order of Preachers in 1216. "Dominicans" as they are known are formed throughout their lives according to the four pillars St. Dominic established –
Prayer, Study, Community and Service.


The word "Prayer" with an image of Mass in Christ the King Chapel viewed from the balcony.

Prayer keeps us grounded in our faith or in what is most meaningful, and guides our life's purpose.

The word "Study" overlays an image of three students seated around a table studying.

Studying keeps us growing in knowledge and truth, honing our minds and hears for ethical leadership.

The word "Community" overlays a picture of a large group of ODU students gathered in front of Erksine Hall

Community forms us to live, work and play in harmony, each fulfilling our diverse roles in a culture of care.

The word "Service" overlays a picture of ODU students handing a meal to a senior citizen as part of a volunteer meal delivery service program.

Service impels us to share our time, talent and treasure toward building a more just, peaceful and equitable society.


At Ohio Dominican University

We invite and encourage students, faculty and staff of all backgrounds and faith tradition to integrate their personal faith into their lives by providing them with opportunities that align with those four foundational pillars and become a way of life.

Each member of the ODU community is introduced to the four pillars the day they become a Panther, which allows them to understand, support and embrace the role that ODU plays in the world in seeking truth, demanding justice, and pursuing peace.


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