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The courses in our Certificate in Data Science program were developed to provide you with the industry skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the data analytics sector.

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Course Descriptions

DAT 110 – Statistics for Data Science
This course serves as an introduction to the basic concepts and computations used in statistical analysis as well as an introduction to tools and technologies used in data science. Topics include graphical and numerical representation of data, distributions, sampling distributions, Central Limit Theorem, confidence intervals, and linear, multilinear and logistic regression. Students will work with real-life data sets and use Microsoft Excel and R Studio throughout the course to help with analysis and visualization.  Prerequisite: MTH 102 or placement.

DAT 210 – Data Visualization with Tableau Software
DAT 210 will introduce you to data visualization with Tableau software. Topics include connecting to data files, data preparation, dashboards and story points. In addition to Tableau-specific topics, we will explore and discuss best practices for creating effective visualizations and history of visual data storytelling. You will work with real-life data sets and complete a project. Prerequisites: CIS 107 or CIS 150 or MTH 140.

DAT 230 – Programming Fundamentals with Python
This course will introduce you to computer programming in general as well as Python tools for data science. Topics will include Python basics, data structures, selection and repetition, and working with data in Python. You will explore reading and writing files, and loading real world data sets with Pandas.   Prerequisite: DAT 210 or CIS 150 or placement.

DAT 330 – Data Analytics with Python
DAT 330 focuses on using Python to analyze datasets from different sources. Topics will include regular expressions, data wrangling, natural language processing, and machine learning. You will learn how to prepare data for analysis, perform statistical analysis, create meaningful data visualizations, and predict future trends. Prerequisite: DAT 230 or placement.

DAT 470 – Capstone Project in Data Science
You will work in small teams to explore, examine and solve a real-life problem. Questions and data for the projects will come from industry partners. Prerequisite: DAT 330

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