PRAXIS Core Academic Skills for Educators Tests

The Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators Tests (Praxis Core) measure basic skills in reading, writing and mathematics and include multiple-choice questions and essay questions on the Writing test. 

The tests are designed to evaluate whether you have the academic skills needed to prepare for a career in education. Visit for more information.

Students majoring in Education must pass the Praxis Core Tests as part of the Procedure for Admission to Professional Education. 

For more information regarding each step in the Procedure for Admission to Professional Education, contact the Division of Education (614) 251-4623

Scheduling the Praxis Core

PRAXIS Core Resources

  • Academic Resource Center workshop schedule. NOTE: we are happy to schedule additional workshops upon request
  • Preparation books and practice exams are available in the ODU Library Reference section.
  • To find a tutor specializing in Praxis I Reading and Writing, Visit the Write Place.

PRAXIS Core Online Resources

Testing accommodations

  • Students who require specialized testing accommodations for a DOCUMENTED DISABILITY will need to submit documentation of a disability through the Coordinator of Disability Services, (614)-251-4234. Download the Bulletin Supplement for Test Takers with Disabilities or Health-related Needs from the ETS website, and submit signed documentation to ETS prior to scheduling your test.  For more information visit 
  • If English is not your primary language, you my request additional time to take the test.  For more information visit To get these accommodations, the Director of International Programs, (614) 251-4646, must sign a Certificate of Documentation (available from ETS) for the student to submit before scheduling the test.
  • While the ARC provides information on question types and test taking strategies, students who are experiencing stress, anxiety, and/or emotional difficulties regarding the Praxis examination should visit the Wellness Center, located on the second floor of the Griffin Student Center, visit  (614) 251-4570, wellnesscenter@


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