Course offerings listed below may vary from year to year based on course availability. For the most up-to-date courses, course requirements and descriptions, always refer to the current University Catalog. View the current Catalog here.

ART 101 - Academic Drawing
3 Credits
A studio exploration of traditional drawing techniques and materials focusing on the realistic depiction of observed forms and objects. Using basic drawing materials, students will concentrate on the construction of still life objects, landscape forms, objects in nature and the human figure. Designed to provide a foundation for advanced study in art. Fee.

ART 116 - Introduction to Photography
3 Credits
This class is an introduction to the technical and artistic aspects of photography, both film-based and digital. Students will use the traditional photographic darkroom as well as the computer lab to process images. Student must have a 35mm single reflex camera (SLR) with a manual override. Fee. 

ART 150 - History of Western Art I
3 Credits
A survey of Western art from prehistory through 16th century Mannerism. Emphasis is on the formal development of art and its connection to society through the examination of the visual arts as cultural artifacts. 

ART 151 - History of Western Art II
3 Credits
A survey of Western art from the 17th century Baroque to the present day. Emphasis is on the formal and technological development of art, both traditional and postmodern forms, in relation to society. 

ART 203 - Observational Drawing
3 Credits
This class introduces drawing from observation (figure, architecture, landscape) with an emphasis on skill development, naturalism, conceptual awareness, and formal presentation. Further development of the technical exploration begun in ART 101, Academic Drawing. 

Prerequisites: ART 101 or permission of the instructor. Not open to students with credit for ART 201-202. Fee.

ART 262 - Color Theory & Production
3 Credits
Study of the history, nature, and use of color as a vital element of art and design. Emphasis is on physical properties of color (hue, value, and intensity), color and pigment mixing, additive and subtractive color, and aesthetic relationships based on the color wheel. Secondary focus is on the emotive, symbolic, and functional impact of color. Students will explore the uses of color through a variety of technical and studio projects, and will begin developing a personal aesthetic with regard to color. 

Not open to students with credit for ART 260 and ART 261. Fee.

ART 279A - CORE: Art & the Global Community
3 Credits
This course introduces students to the concept of art as an agent for social change through case studies of community/communal art “movements” through history from around the globe as well as the United States and our local community. 

Prerequisite: CORE 179 or appropriate transfer status. Pre- or Co-requisite: ENG 102 or ENG 111. 

ART 325 - Contemporary Art
3 Credits
What are the questions of our time and how are artists addressing these concerns? This course will examine current and contemporary artists, new media art (including the recent trend towards digital video), the interrelation of fine art and design, as well as conceptual frameworks that reflect current social issues. We will explore these topics through lecture, discussion, readings, writings, interpretations, and local gallery and exhibition visits.

DSN 112 - Foundations in Design
3 Credits
This project-based course builds a foundation for meaningful and effective visual communication. Areas of focus include: the formal elements and principles of design, visual problem solving, the creative process, and knowledge and skills for the production of visual works. Students will utilize a variety of media, tools, and processes including Adobe software applications; no prior experience with Adobe software is necessary. This course is also ideally suited for non-majors who wish to fulfill the university Arts requirement. 

Not open to students with credit for ART 110 and ART 111 except with permission of the instructor. Not open to students with credit for ART 112. Fee.

DSN 204 - Typography
3 Credits 
An in-depth study of letterforms, typefaces, text layouts and their roles in communication. Students will explore the history, aesthetic components, application, and expressive potential of typography through lecture, demonstration and studio projects. 

Prerequisites: DSN 112 or permission of the instructor following demonstration of one’s ability to use Adobe Illustrator. Not open to students with credit for ART 204. Fee. 

DSN 207 - Design I: Layout
3 Credits
A focus on traditional and experimental design layout including utilization of complex grids, text-heavy design, multipage layout for print and digital formats, and production of finished works. Students will use an integrated workflow between industry-standard software programs like Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. 

Prerequisites: DSN 112 or permission of the instructor following demonstration of one’s ability to use Adobe Illustrator. Not open to students with credit for ART 207. Fee.

DSN 331 - Design II: Branding, Identity & Ad Campaign
3 Credits
This is a sophomore level studio course in the graphic design program, with a focus on developing a unified graphic visual communication and campaign to promote an organization’s mission, through research, presentation, and adherence to a systematic approach of visual development. The course will build on typographic, compositional, and imaging skills that students have developed in their earlier courses. 

Prerequisites: DSN 112 and DSN 204 or permission of the instructor following a demonstration of one’s software knowledge and understanding of typography. Not open to students with credit for ART 483 except with permission of the instructor. Not open to students with credit for ART 331. Fee.

DSN 333 - Production for Design
3 Credits
Production for Graphic Design is a course that provides students with an understanding of the printing process, the elements of production, production terms and guidance in setting up computer prepress files. This course will also touch on production issues related to web design and time based media. Production for Design is a technical survey that focuses on what emerging designers need to know to be successful in a production-intensive profession. 

Prerequisites: DSN 207 or permission of the instructor. Not open to students with credit for ART 333. Fee.

DSN 380 - Design III: Interactivity & Web
3 Credits
A studio course with a focus on advanced work in computer web and video graphics. Strong emphasis will be placed on how design solutions can embrace the Internet and other web-based avenues with a broad advance in computer graphic skills and an evolution of understanding of interactive design and digital media. Avenues such as video for communication, banner design and web-site development, and moving graphics for the web will be discussed and researched during the semester. 

Like all other design courses, this studio will continue to build on typographic and imaging composition, design process and research, and overall effective communication skills that students have developed in their earlier courses.

Prerequisites: DSN 112 or permission of the instructor. Not open to students with credit for ART 380.

DSN 479 - CORE: The Role of the Designer in Contemporary Society
3 Credits
This course is the culminating experience for the Fine Arts and Graphic Design major as well as the core curriculum. This course will consist of readings, reflection, and discussion of texts which will address the role of the artist/designer in history as a purveyor of information about society and as a creative social catalyst in contemporary society. 

Students will also be creating the conceptual framework for their Senior Thesis Exhibition including both the material form and the written text. They will be applying the knowledge base gained through their prior courses to their own individual major body of work as well as peer mentoring others in the class and engaging in a group project in the community.

Not open to students with credit for ART 479. Fee.

DSN 480 - Design IV: Strategies for Social Impact
3 Credits
This studio course unites design competencies with research and innovation to produce work capable of targeted social impact. Students will interact with the community through client work, non-profit work, or public work. Course projects are strong portfolio pieces that exhibit students’ capabilities to solve pressing real-world problems. 

Prerequisite: DSN 380 or permission of the instructor. Not open to students with credit for ART 480. Fee.

DSN 1/2/3/485 - Special Topics
1-3 Credits
A study of topics in design of special interest to a specific group of students. 

Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Fee.

DSN 2/3/486 - Independent Study
1-3 Credits
Intensive individual work in an area of design. 

Prerequisite: Consent of instructor, academic advisor, division chairperson. Fee.

DSN 497 - Internship
1-3 Credits
Supervised internship of 40 clock hours for each semester credit in a setting meeting the needs and interests of the student. 

Prerequisite: Junior standing; B average; consent of instructor, academic advisor and division chairperson; successful completion of application requirements for internship.

DSN 498 - Senior Exhibition
3 Credits
As a culmination of their study, seniors will select, research, produce and exhibit an individual project related to the goals of their specific major and their individual interests. Students will also work as a group to curate and prepare all aspects of the exhibition from public relations to opening. 

Prerequisites: Completion of the major course sequence. Not open to students with credit for ART 498. Fee.

PHL 320 - Philosophy of Art
3 Credits
An examination of the nature of art and beauty. Includes a study of major works from Plato to the present. 

Prerequisites: ENG 102 or ENG 111 and CORE 179 or transfer equivalent. Not open to students with credit in PHL 348C.

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