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BUS 220 - Principles of Marketing
3 Credits
An introduction to the process of creating and fulfilling consumer and organizational needs through strategies involving the conception, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods, and services in a market economy.

BUS 240 - Management & Organizational Behavior
3 Credits
This course focuses on the role of the manager in contemporary business and explores behavioral science concepts and research directed toward understanding human behavior and management within organizations.

COM 105 - Public Speaking
3 Credits
A study of the principles and processes of oral communication with emphasis on speech design and delivery. Vocal and linguistic skills will be practiced. Critical thought will be developed through analysis of current and historical speeches.

COM 260 - Mass Media
3 Credits
A consideration of the cultural, psychological, social, ethical, legal and aesthetic aspects of television, radio, film, print journalism, new communication technologies and other mass media channels in contemporary society. A study of the processes and effects of mass communication systems with student involvement in media appreciation.

DSN 112 - Foundations in Design
3 Credits
This project-based course builds a foundation for meaningful and effective visual communication. Areas of focus include: the formal elements and principles of design, visual problem solving, the creative process, and knowledge and skills for the production of visual works. Students will utilize a variety of media, tools, and processes including Adobe software applications; no prior experience with Adobe software is necessary. This course is also ideally suited for non-majors who wish to fulfill the university Arts requirement. 

Not open to students with Credit for ART 110 and ART 111 except with permission of the instructor. Not open to students with Credit for ART 112. Fee.

ECN 207 - Principles of Microeconomics
3 Credits
A basic study of the decision making behavior of individuals, households, firms, industries, and other economic units regarding resource allocation. Students will explore how markets function to coordinate the economic activities of different economic units. Topics include scarcity, opportunity cost, demand and supply, consumption, production, market structures, and profit maximization.

PRS 201 - Contemporary Issues in Reputation Management: Public Relations Principles
3  Credits
A theoretical approach to the principles of the field of public relations in corporate, non-profit, and agency applications. The role of public relations in the overall organizational communication structure.

PRS 205 - News Writing
3 Credits
Theory and practice of news gathering, writing, and editing with emphasis on the print and electronic media. Projects include straight news reporting as well as feature stories. Topics include determining news value, research, interviewing skills, writing for the ear as well as for the eye, and media critique. 

PRS 265 - Business Writing & Presentations
3 Credits
This course allows students to refine their business writing skills and to become better presenters in preparation for careers in business or a nonprofit setting. In an interactive, hands-on environment, students will practice writing proposals, executive summaries, business letters, persuasive emails, and presentations.

Delivering effective business presentations will also be covered, along with practice and critique. This course is ideal for students who plan to lead people and departments, start their own businesses or want to be more effective communicators in the workplace.

Prerequisite: ENG 102 or ENG 111.

PRS 270 - Integrated Marketing Communication
3 Credits
An overview of promotion as one key component of a marketing strategy. Students review the possible elements that may comprise an organization's promotional mix: e.g., public relations, personal selling, advertising, and sales promotion. 
Prerequisites: BUS 220

PRS 310 - Practicum with The Tower
3 Credits
This practicum experience is designed to give students a hands-on learning opportunity for researching, reporting, editing, photographing, and designing the student newspaper, The Tower. Students will understand production processes and the importance of deadlines.

Prerequisites: PRS 205 or permission of the instructor.

PRS 329 - Power-packed Writing for PR & Marketing Communications
3 Credits
Intensive writing course that exposes students to all types of public relations writing including news releases, brochures, speeches, newsletters, annual reports, case studies, advertising copy, memos and crisis communication. Students will hone their skills while producing writing samples for their professional portfolios. 

Prerequisite: PRS 201.

PRS 340 - Internet Strategies: Social Media, e-Commerce & More
3 Credits
This course is designed to provide an in-depth look at the principles, practices, and strategies utilized when incorporating the Internet into a public relations or marketing communications plan. This course will utilize lecture and case analysis to build a body of knowledge for students that they can apply to a professional setting.

PRS 352 - Research, Planning & Evaluation
3 Credits

This course is designed to teach strategic public relations planning, research, and evaluation techniques to PRS majors but is also applicable to other business majors. The course connects theory to practical applications by framing research methodology in the context of planning. Students will learn valuable tools for the development, communication, and evaluation of effective PR and Marketing Communications programs.

Prerequisite: PRS 201

PRS 365 - Philanthropy & Fundraising
3 Credits
This course is designed to teach the fundamentals of philanthropy and fundraising as practiced in the United States. The course employs both theory and practice. Philanthropy is taught first to emphasize the importance of giving before receiving and students will use evaluation methods to measure the worthiness/appropriateness of a request. 

The course will also outline the solicitation techniques used for all types of fundraising, the elements of a compelling case for support, the ethical considerations for use of funds, and proper ways in which to recognize donors. The course may have a service-learning component with a particular grantmaker and/or non-profit organization.

Prerequisite: Junior or senior status.

PRS 415 - Workshop in Advanced PR & Marketing Communications Techniques
3 Credits
This course is designed to advance student writing, editing, and speaking abilities especially in the context of media relations and overall relationship building. Public Relations practitioners must be effective communicators and this course will offer intensive workshops to build skills learned in lower-level PRS courses. 

Prerequisites: PRS 201, 205, and 329.

PRS 421 - Case Studies & Campaign Strategies
3 Credits
Case analysis and campaign strategy development occur in tandem as students examine historic cases in public relations and marketing communications while also working in teams to create a PR or marketing communications campaign for a real or hypothetical “client.” 

Prerequisite: Junior standing in PR/Marketing Communications. Not open to students with Credit for PRS 421A and PRS 421B.

PRS 479 - CORE: Analysis & Experience
3 Credits
This course serves as the senior capstone seminar and learning experience for public relations majors. It moves students through a reflective search for truth in the practice of public relations while focusing on how firms create, implement, and evaluate public relations strategies. The course is designed to integrate students’ functional public relations knowledge including ethical considerations through an engagement with a supervised field placement involving a minimum of 80 hours in an approved Public Relations setting. 

The major learning challenge for students in this course will be to examine the organization they are working for or another organization and make and justify, through oral and written communication, subjective strategic decisions centered on the intersection of human nature, community, justice, and truth within the practice of public relations. Students are expected to make a professional contribution to the placement agency and to develop their own portfolio. This course will provide students learning modules on resume preparation, etiquette, dress and informational interviewing.

Prerequisites: Completing of junior core seminar; senior standing.

PRS 1/2/3/485 - Special Topics
3 Credits
A study of topics in public relations of special interest to a specific group of students. 

Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

PRS 2/3/486 - Independent Study
1-5 Credits
Intensive individual work in the area of public relations. 

Prerequisites: Consent of instructor, academic advisor, division chairperson.

PRS 497 - Internship in Public Relations or Marketing Communications
1-5 Credits
A supervised internship of 40 clock hours for each semester hour of Credit. The internship placement is arranged by the student and approved by the internship advisor and sponsoring organization.

Prerequisites: Open only to Public Relations/Marketing Communication majors who have completed PRS 201 and PRS 329 and have a grade point average of 2.500 or higher. Consent of internship advisor, academic advisor, and division chairperson required.

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