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The Sociology major focuses on a comprehensive, macroscopic understanding of society and social issues.
Degrees offered:
  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
  • Minor of Sociology
See also: Areas of study include the social construction of reality, socialization, stratification and myriad inequalities as these are embedded in the social institutions of family, politics, economics, education and religion.

Sociology graduates work in social agencies, business, schools and churches, while others continue their study at graduate school.
  • Sample 4-Year Plan for Sociology Majors
    The course plan below is a sample plan for your major; it does not and should not replace meeting with your Academic Advisor to map out the best course plan that suits your individual academic goals and placement upon initial registration.

    Classes listed may not necessarily be offered during a particular term. 

    Year 1
    Fall Semester Spring Semester
    ENG 110 ENG 111
    CORE 179 BUS 202 or 302
    MTH 140 SWK 100
    SOC 101 PHL
    HST Natural Science
    Year 2
    Fall Semester Spring Semester
    CORE 279 Foreign Language 111
    Foreign Language 110 SOC 215
    PSY 100 SOC Elective
    Elective Elective
    Year 3
    Fall Semester Spring Semester
    CORE 379 SOC 352
    SOC 255 SOC Elective
    PSY 212 THL
    Elective Elective
    Year 4
    Fall Semester Spring Semester
    SOC 497 SOC 479
    SOC Elective  Elective
    Faculty Advisors should help students pick Emphasis Electives and Minors based on career path. Other electives should be towards minor or graduate school prerequisites (meet with Advisor) and all students need 120 credits (15 credits per semester) to graduate in 4 years.

Course Requirements

  • B.A. in Sociology
    Students must complete the degree requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in addition to the major requirements listed below.
    Courses Credits
    SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology 3*
    SOC 215 Deviance and Institutional Problems 3*
    SOC 255 Marriage, Sex, and Family 3*
    SOC 279B CORE: Nonviolent Social Change 3*
    SOC 279E CORE: Health and the Community 3*
    SOC 352 Research Methods 3*
    SOC 479 CORE: Sociological Theory 3*
    SOC 497 Internship & Seminar 1–6*
    SOC Electives (6 credits) 6*
    SCE 000 Senior Comprehensive Examination 0
    Required Correlatives
    Courses Credits
    SWK 100 Social Problems &  Social Policies 3
    MTH 140 Introduction to Statistics 3
    PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology 3
    Total Credits Required 39

    * Used to calculate the Major GPA

  • Minor in Sociology
    Courses Credits
    SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology 3
    SOC 215 Deviance & Institutional Problems 3
    Select 12 credits from any SOC courses, which may include SWK 279, or PSY 212
    At least 15 totals in the minor must be from SOC courses
    Total Credits Required 18