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ODU’s Sociology Department provides students with knowledge and skills necessary for success in post-graduate education as well as private and public sector careers in social services, social research and public policy.
Graduates will be prepared to enter the job market or graduate school with skills in critical thinking and writing, global perspectives, community organizing and social change, research methods, undoing racism and sexism, and analyzing and addressing various social problems. 

Graduates of Ohio Dominican University’s Sociology program will be able to:
  • Analyze social problems using sociological concepts.
  • Develop specific policy implications for research and theory in the area.
  • Explain how social structures influence individuals and groups over time.
  • Describe the reciprocal relationship of social institutions and individuals.
  • Explain how social change catalysts affect social structures and individuals.

Graduates with degree in Sociology can work in many different fields and capacities, including:
  • Church-related organizations, such as Catholic Relief Services
  • Crime and addiction services, such as Juvenile Court
  • Homeless shelters and soup kitchens, such as The Salvation Army
  • Organizations working to overcome prejudice and discrimination, such as the NAACP
  • Organizations serving youth, such as Big Brothers/Big Sisters
  • Organizations serving families in need,such as the YWCA
  • Government organizations, such as Children Services

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