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ODU's Sport Management program prepares students for careers with professional and amateur sports teams and clubs and in sports media and sports-related services. 

Program Mission

The mission of the undergraduate sport management program is to be student-focused and provide excellence in two key areas. 

First, our coursework is guided by the ever evolving field of sport management, as well as through the wisdom of our various sport industry connections. 

Second, our field experiences and internships are designed for both career development as well as for providing our students with a host of experiences in valuable sport organizations in the Central Ohio market. 

Overall, the program is dedicated to developing the mind and spirit using the Catholic and Dominican tradition as a lens.  


Students in ODU’s Sport Management program will develop a number of skills including:

  • Management, marketing and promotion of amateur and professional sports programs.
  • Personal and organizational sports communication, sports mass media and sports communication services.
  • Knowledge of the basic legal system, its terminology and principles as applied to professional and amateur sports.
  • Financing of sports and recreation facilities, events and organizations.


Graduates are prepared to acquire positions in various areas of the sport industry, such as:

  • Coaching
  • Marketing & sales
  • Broadcasting
  • Event & facility management
  • Ticketing & business operations

Job titles include:

  • Sports information or media director
  • Marketing director
  • Facility, event or sales manager
  • Account/sales representative
  • Writer/producer/broadcaster
  • Legislative assistant
  • Financial analyst

Columbus Blue Jacket Internship