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Ohio Dominican's Art History minor is designed for students of any major who want to expand their knowledge of the history, criticism and theory of art.
  • Minor in Art History
    Course Credits
    ART 150 History of Western Art I 3
    ART 151 History of Western Art II 3
    Select 3 courses (nine credits) from the following:

    Course Credits
    ART 140 Introduction to Painting 3
    ART 210 Botanical Illustration 3
    ART 220 Introduction to Book Arts 3
    ART 270 History of Women in Art 3
    ART 279A CORE: Art & the Global Community 3
    ART 279C CORE: American Political Thought: Nature & the Common Good 3
    ART 320 Materials Exploration 3
    ART 325 Contemporary Art 3
    ART 348H Modernism in its Time 3
    ART 379E Justice, Art, Politics 3
    Total Credits Required 15
    Suggested Correlative

    Course Credits
    PHL 320 Philosophy of Art 3

Arts & Letters Division

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