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The minor in Classics at Ohio Dominican University is an interdisciplinary program designed to introduce students to the foundations of Western civilization, with special emphasis on the contributions of Greece and Rome.
The program engages students in a variety of different fields, including Art, English, History, Latin, Philosophy, Political Science and Theology. Students will have the opportunity to explore the classical tradition through an intensive study of textual sources and material culture.

ODU's Classics minor is coordinated by the Department of History.
  • Minor in Classics
    Required Courses

    Courses Credits
    LAT 110 Elementary Latin I 3
    LAT 111 Elementary Latin II 3
    Select four courses (12 credits) from at least two of the following disciplines:

    Courses Credits
    ART 150 History of Western Art I 3
    ART 220 Introduction to Book Arts 3
    ART 353 Historic Painting Techniques 3
    ENG 279B CORE: Home & Away: Epics & Utopias 3
    ENG 348A The Epic Tradition 3
    ENG 455C Poetry: Classics 3
    ENG 456 Drama 3
    HST 110 Western Civilization I 3
    HST 305 The Ancient World 3
    LAT 310 Readings in Classical Latin 3
    LAT 320 Readings in Medieval Latin 3
    PHL 361 History of Ancient Philosophy 3
    Political Science
    POL 100 Ideas, Ideals & Ideologies 3
    POL 230 The Law, Society & Policy 3
    POL 279B CORE: Political Philosophy & Western Tradition 3
    THL 204 Epistles of Paul 3
    THL 209 Intertestamental Literature 3
    THL 240 History of Christianity: The First Millennium 3
    THL 248 Early Christian Writings 3
    Study Abroad
    Special Topics in any of the above disciplines
    Total Credits Required 18

Arts & Letters Division

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