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Ohio Dominican's minor in Marketing helps students develop the perspectives and skills necessary to succeed in many fields, including business, marketing, sales, public relations and more.
The required course sequence includes principles of marketing, retailing, social psychology, and sales force management and leadership.
  • Minor in Marketing
    Courses Credits
    BUS 220 Principles of Marketing 3
    Select 4 Courses for 12 Credits
    BUS 221 International Marketing 3
    BUS 251 Retailing 3
    BUS 270 Integrated Marketing Communication 3
    BUS 370 Professional Selling 3
    BUS 371 Sales Force Management & Leadership 3
    BUS 378 Marketing in Service Industries 3
    PRS 201 Principles of Public Relations 3
    PSY 212 Social Psychology 3
    SPM 220 Sport Marketing 3
    Total Credits Required 15

Business Division