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The minor in Quantitative Methods & Data Management prepares students in any major to marshal, analyze and present quantitative information in a governmental, business, non-profit or research setting.
The minor consists of 21 credit hours. Courses completed for the major may also count toward the minor, thus reducing the credit hours required for the minor.
  • Minor in Quantitative Methods & Data Management
    Courses Credits
    MTH 121 Mathematics for the Liberal Arts 3
    MTH 140 Introduction to Statistics 3
    Select one or two courses from each of the following groups:

    Group 1 - Information Systems

    Courses Credits
    Any CIS course except CIS 107 and CIS 120 2-3
    Group 2 - Methods

    Courses Credits
    CRJ/POL/SOC 352 Research Methods 3
    PSY 232 Research Methods & Statistics I              3
    PSY 332 Research Methods & Statistics II 3
    SWK 352 Research Methods 3
    Group 3 - Economics & Accounting

    Courses Credits
    ACT 210 Accounting for Financial Decision Making 3
    ACT 220 Accounting for Managerial Decision Making 3
    ECN 207 Principles of Microeconomics 3
    ECN 208 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
    If additional courses are needed to complete the minor, select electives from the following courses:

    Courses Credits
    CIS 334 Advanced Database Management 3
    CIS 370 Data Visualization 3
    ECN 325 Intermediate Microeconomics 3
    MTH 145 Discrete Mathematics 3
    Any 200-level MTH course 3-4
    PHL 101 Introduction to Logic 3
    PSY 352 Psychological Testing 3
    Total Credits Required 21

Business Division