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Ohio Dominican offers a minor in Women’s & Gender Studies to provide students with the option of focusing on women’s and gender issues as a theme in the curriculum of the University.
Gender is one of the main dimensions of what it means to be human in all known times and places. Awareness of the role of gender in the conduct of human affairs enhances comprehension and understanding of the human condition.
  • Minor in Women’s & Gender Studies
    Courses Credits
    WGS 279A CORE: Introduction to Women’s & Gender Studies 3

    Select 12 credits from the following:

    Courses Credits
    ENG 451 Women’s Literature 3
    PSY 379A CORE: Psychology of Women 3
    SWK 250 Women, Politics & Economics 3
    PHL 279A CORE: Ethical Issues of Sexuality & Marriage 3
    PSY 255 Human Sexuality 3
    ART 270 The History of Women in Art 3
    BUS 315 Gender & the Workplace 3
    THL 325 Feminist Liberation Theologies 3
    WGS 397 Internship 1-3
    WGS 2/3/486 Independent Study 1-3
    Total Credits Required 15

Social & Behavioral Sciences Division