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Ohio Dominican alumni are doing great things in Ohio and around the world. 
Read and watch some of their stories and submit your own!
Joe Bell




Problem solving in groups

Schaeffer’s Investment Research, Cincinnati

Senior Equity Analyst/Trader

What do you do at Schaeffer’s Investment Research? 

I work on the trading desk at Schaeffer’s, trading options and stocks, and research/analyze the stock market utilizing technical, fundamental, and sentiment, with a focus on market expectations and advanced options strategies. I also do some work with the media and occasionally do presentations on trading and options strategies.

You’ve been featured on national news as an analyst. What news outlets have you been featured in? What has that experience been like? 

I am a frequent guest on CNBC, Fox Business and CNBC Asia. I also appear on Bloomberg Radio and I’m quoted in various media outlets, such as Wall Street Journal, CNBC.com, Associated Press, and others. I am grateful for this opportunity and have thoroughly enjoyed it. 

The live media appearances can be somewhat fast paced and you never know exactly what they will ask, but overall, it is a great opportunity to discuss stocks and share my views and outlook on the market.

How did Ohio Dominican prepare you for your professional career? 

There were numerous ways in which Ohio Dominican helped me prepare for my career. It helped me develop strong communication and analytical skills, which are both key in navigating the market and communicating that information. I also had many opportunities to solve problems with groups, which is a big part of any career. 

Looking back, what doors did your ODU education open for you professionally? 

For my specific field, my education was crucial in helping me get my foot in the door. The degree I earned at Ohio Dominican is viewed as valuable and, in some cases essential, to getting an interview with companies.

What would you say to a current or prospective ODU student who aspires to work in your field? 

Be persistent and go after what you really want. It is ultimately up to you, so work hard and be proactive about finding ways to continue growing in your career and as a person. Always seize opportunities and make it a habit to continuously put yourself in challenging situations.

What sets ODU apart from other universities you could have attended? 

The class size and ability to communicate with professors and fellow students is really what stood out to me. This type of interaction really helped me grow as a person and learn in a much more effective manner.

Why did you choose ODU? 

I had two older sisters that attended ODU and they had good things to say about it. When I visited it for myself, I immediately was drawn to the community feel of the campus and how passionate the professors are about teaching.

How proud are you to be an ODU Alumnus? 

I am very proud to be an ODU Alumnus. ODU is a growing university that has a lot to offer. It is developing a reputation for producing quality graduates that are making positive contributions in many different ways.