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Many Ohio Dominican students to receive financial assistance through Endowed Scholarships. Ohio Dominican encourages donors to create contribute to create a new Endowment Fund or contribute to an existing one.

As with all endowment gifts, the annual endowment payout is used to provide current student support while the gift's principal remains in the endowment so it can continue to benefit future ODU students.

To discuss a new or existing Endowed Scholarship Fund, please contact either Doug Stein, (614) 251-4786, or Lynda Huey, (614) 251-4610.

  • Establish a New Endowed Scholarship Fund

    Creating an ODU Endowed Scholarship is an exciting opportunity and we will help you with every step. 

    Gifts may be made in cash, as well as in other forms such as securities, and pledges may be paid over 3 to 5 years. Future commitments through bequests, trusts, retirement plans and other forms also can be made.

    Gift Level Name of Fund
    $500,000 Full-ride Merit or Need Based Endowed Scholarship
    $300,000 First Generation Student Endowed Scholarship
    $100,000 Diocesan High School Merit Endowed Scholarship
    $100,000 Zip Code Need Based Scholarship
    $50,000 New Major Scholarship
    $25,000 Named Scholarship
    $25,000 Named Physician Assistant Fellowship
    Named Book Scholarship
  • Give to a Current Endowed Scholarship Fund

    Donors can give to an endowed fund that has already been established. Many of them are listed below and on the online giving form. But if you wish to donate to a fund that isn't listed here, simply enter the name of the fund on the giving form.

    Give Now

    Memorial Scholarship
    Established with gifts from alumni and friends given in memory of loved ones.

    Alumni Scholarship
    Established by the Alumni Association to benefit a student from Franklin County.

    Athletic Advancement Scholarship
    Founded by the Athletic Advancement Committee with receipts from annual golf outings. Supports student-athletes.

    Patriots Scholarship
    Established by friends of the Patriots Program to benefit veterans returning to college.

    I-670 Corridor Scholarship
    Founded by the I-670 Corridor Committee at the time of the construction of the Interstate from contributions of businesses and individuals in the corridor. Established to promote the value of education to citizens in the area through awards to students from the Corridor.

    Sister Rose Dominica Hanks-Anna Burst Scholarships
    Provides awards to chemistry and biology students while honoring the beloved Sister Rose Dominica and the Aunt Anna who raised her.

    Matesich Mothers Scholarship
    Established by the family of Sister Mary Andrew Matesich to assist mothers attending college.

    Trustee Scholarship
    Founded by members of the Board of Trustees to provide support for a financially needy student from Columbus.

    Sister Mary Andrew Matesich Emerging Leaders Scholarship
    Established at the time of Sister Mary Andrew’s retirement from the presidency to acknowledge her leadership by supporting the development of future leaders.

    Sister Suzanne Uhrhane Scholarship
    Established by alumni and friends in honor of a beloved sister, professor, and president.

    Hertrich International Scholarship
    Founded by the Hertrich Family and by alumni and friends to encourage international study through supporting a student from abroad.

    Pius XII Scholarship
    Founded by beloved Sister Thomas Albert Corbett in honor of her parents and the Corbett family to assist a student majoring in the social sciences, including history.

    Father Bauer Scholarship
    Established by alumni and friends in honor of 40 year faculty member and founder of the Erskine Lecture Series to support an outstanding student.

    Faculty & Staff Scholarship
    Founded through gifts from faculty and staff members to reward students who make positive contributions to college life at ODU.

    Sister Eugene DeClene Scholarship
    Established to support a student majoring in art and in honor of acclaimed professor and artist.

    Monsignor Leonard J. Fick Scholarship
    Founded by alumni and friends who admired and appreciated their beloved professor and friend through funds and gifts from literary events held in his honor and memory.

    Zonta Club of Columbus
    The scholarship is awarded to a female student enrolled at Ohio Dominican University having completed at least 12 credit hours and maintaining a minimum GPA of 2.5, as well as pre-registered for at least 8 hours of classes in the upcoming academic term.

  • Give to an Other Endowed Fund

    Donors can give to an endowed fund that has a specific purpose. Many of them are listed below and on the online giving form. But if you wish to donate to a fund that isn't listed here, simply enter the name of the fund on the giving form.

    Give Now

    Sister Mary Anna Childs Writing Award
    An annual award to a student for outstanding achievement in writing and honoring poet and longtime English professor.

    Student Leadership & Compassionate Life Awards
    Annual awards presented to exemplary students in honor of David Allen Hamilton and Bishop Edward J. Herrmann.

    R.W. Carstens Humanities Award
    Established by beloved professor, Margaret G. Fielders, in recognition of her lifelong pursuit of the liberal arts ideal and her respect for the Humanities Program. The fund provides an annual award for Program, Faculty, or Student Development.

    Sheila Feinknopf Women’s Empowerment Fund
    Established by family and friends of Sheila Feinknopf after her death from a missed cancer diagnosis. Provides annual funding for initiatives to promote cancer and health awareness, responsibility and prevention.

    Faculty Development Award
    Established by faculty contributions during the Making A Difference Endowment Campaign for an annual award for a faculty development project.