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Tutoring services in math, writing, and specific course content are available through the Academic Resource Center, located on the middle floor of Spangler Learning Center. 
  • ACE / Learning Strategy & Content Tutoring

    The Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) provides general learning strategy assistance to help students approach introductory level courses. 

    To learn effective study and reading strategies for any course, search "Learning Strategy" on TutorTrac attend a workshop, or contact spencera@ohiodominican.edu 

    Go to ACE

    Students may check tutor availability and make appointments online using TutorTrac. The walk-in schedule for each lab is also posted online.

    The tutor list is also posted at various locations on campus and tutor contact information is often included on course syllabi.

    Additional tutors may also be hired upon faculty or student request. Tutors must be endorsed by a faculty member in the subject area for which they are hired.
  • The Math Lab
    ODU's Math Lab is located in Spangler 206A. The ARC’s walk-in math lab is where students can find assistance in any math course ODU offers.

    The math lab can also often assist with quantitative aspects of business and science courses. The Coordinator of the Math Lab is David Kish, kishd@ohiodominican.edu. 

    Visit the Math Lab
  • The Write Place
    The Write Place is the ARC’s writing lab, located in Spangler 206B. Writing tutors are available by appointment and on a walk-in basis to assist students in all aspects of the writing process.

    Visit the Write Place

    If you would like to direct students to the Write Place for a particular assignment, please contact Allen Williams, williama4@ohiodominican.edu.

Additional Resources

The Academic Resource Center's mission is to support students enrolled at Ohio Dominican University in their effort to achieve academic success, realize their life goals, and become independent, self-directed, life-long learners. The ARC provides assistance in writing, math, course-specific content, test preparation, and general study skills.