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The mission of the Wellness Center is to provide holistic and comprehensive care to the Ohio Dominican University community. 

We are committed to providing and facilitating growth in all dimensions of wellness through the use of counseling, health services, education, programming, and service.

What We Offer

  • Counseling Services
    Counseling services takes a holistic wellness approach to assist you with any problems you may be encountering. The aim is to help students better understand themselves, cope more effectively, and reach their goals. Counseling at ODU is FREE and CONFIDENTIAL. For more information, please visit Counseling Services.
  • Health Services
    If you are sick or injured, we are ready to help! Health Services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL to all ODU students.  For more information, please visit Health Services
  • Wellness Programs and Events
    The Wellness Center offers a wide variety of health education services to the ODU community in the form of programs and events. Students can play an important role in developing these events by joining the Wellness Council, our student group dedicated to promoting holistic wellness. Visit Wellness Programs & Events for more information on our programs, events, and general health topics.

Wellness Center Staff

Levine, Kate

Licensed Professional Counselor

Wellness Center

Griffin Student Center 241

  • M.A., Ohio State University
  • B.A., Wellesley College

Kemp, Jamie

Director, Health Services

Wellness Center

Griffin Student Center

  • M.A., University of Nebraska Omaha
  • B.A., University of South Carolina
  • B.H.S. Duquesne University 

Lombardi, Anne
Lombardi, A

Director of the Wellness Center

Wellness Center

Griffin Student Center, Room 238

  • M.A., Ohio State University
  • B.A., Ohio Dominican University