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Ohio Dominican University is proud to be home to a rich and culturally diverse community. We promote diversity and respect through many programs and activities throughout the year. 
Through lectures, conferences and a variety of cultural celebrations, we work with students to address cultural diversity in a global society.
  • Multicultural Reception 2015

    Office of Multicultural Affairs

    Creating an inclusive and unified campus environment that values and embraces difference and empowers students to be themselves.

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  • ODU welcomes international students

    International Office

    ODU's International Education Office is the primary resource for our international students.

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Ohio Dominican University’s Statement on Unity in Diversity

Ohio Dominican University, in fostering our Catholic and Dominican identity, respects and honors the dignity of each person regardless of age, race, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender identity, country of origin, disability, and other expressions of human individuality. Therefore, Ohio Dominican University is committed to ensuring an inclusive environment that welcomes all who seek to find and share the truth, trusting in the rigor of reason and the light of faith to unite our diverse community.


Multicultural Organizations

  • Black Student Union
    The Black Student Union at Ohio Dominican University is a multicultural organization where all students are welcome. This organization allows students the opportunity to meet members of the community and receive information about future plans and goals as it relates to the minority population. The BSU seeks to help students foster a sense of cultural pride and academic success among minority students by providing a variety of special interest, social, and educational programs. Email: blackstudentunion@ohiodominican.edu 
  • The World Student Club 
    The World Student Club is an organization which provides support to students of diverse backgrounds. Being international students ourselves, we understand that getting accustomed to another culture can be a real challenge, therefore, our main goal is to help international students as they adjust to their new life in the U.S. It strengthens relationships between students from all over the world. The organization welcomes every student who is interested in learning more about foreign countries. Visit their Facebook page.