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The Office of Diversity and Social Justice strives to create a campus environment that celebrates diversity, fosters community and belonging, and demonstrates a commitment to peace and justice.

Through purposeful collaborations and educational programs, the office works to increase the retention and persistence of historically underrepresented students, while supporting their academic, personal, and professional development. 

Our vision is to create an inclusive and unified campus environment that values and embraces difference and empowers students to be themselves. With a focus on self-awareness, intersectionality, and intercultural understanding, we strive to develop culturally empathetic students who are highly engaged in the ODU community and surrounding Columbus area.

Programs and services are designed to assist all members of the ODU community, including students, faculty and staff in their exploration of culture and identity.

  • Values

    The Office of Diversity and Social Justice is the hub for cultural and identity exploration at ODU. Our programming prompts self-examination and intentional reflection that assists students in their pursuit of purpose and discovery of passion.

    Three main values guide our programming efforts:

    We believe that developing cultural empathy requires an in-depth understanding of one’s own culture, biases, assumptions, and worldview (Pope, Reynolds, & Mueller, 2004). Office programming helps student identify these factors and discover how they impact their interactions with others.

    We value intersectionality because it directly supports ODU’s efforts to serve students holistically. The office encourages students to examine their intersecting social and cultural identities (e.g., race, ethnicity, and religion) and how these identities inform their perceptions, expectations, and worldview.

    Intercultural Understanding
    Our programming is designed to help students develop an understanding of cultural difference in ways that will enable them to interact effectively with others from different racial, ethnic, or social identities.

  • Programs & Activities

    Ohio Dominican believes that all students should be given the opportunity to learn and experience many cultures while attending the University. Thus, social and cultural programs are designed with the purpose of educating the campus and community. The Office of Diversity and Social Justice provides events and workshops for celebrations including:

    • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration
    • Black History Month
    • Hispanic Heritage Month
    • Women's History Month
    • Unity Week
  • Alliance for Black Student Leadership

    The Alliance for Black Student Leadership connects ODU's Black Student Union with other multicultural student organizations across Ohio. The alliance provides a forum for networking and collective support through educational, social, and cultural programs sponsored by eight (8) colleges and universities. The institutions involved in the alliance include:

    • Capital University
    • Denison University
    • Kenyon College
    • Mount Vernon Nazarene University
    • Ohio Wesleyan University
    • Otterbein University
    • Wittenberg University
  • Support the Multicultural Gift Fund

    In 2011, Ohio Dominican University Alumna, Myra Wright '78 established the Multicultural Gift Fund to help ODU's multicultural students fulfill their academic and experiential learning goals.

    This restricted fund provides financial assistance to students who find themselves in need of a little extra support that financial aid and scholarships might not cover. From textbooks to conference fees, this fund has helped over a dozen students pursue their passion for higher education.

    Donate Here

Join the Office of Diversity and Social Justice Team!  

Become a Multicultural Peer Educator.  Check the ODU Work Study page for position availability.