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ODU's Emerging Leaders programs is directed specifically to students who want to make a difference and excel as leaders on campus.
Ohio Dominican is committed to developing student leaders and providing opportunities for all to lead and serve.

When you look back on your time at ODU, you should feel that you have had many leadership opportunities both inside and outside the classroom.

You will:
  • Become more confident in your ability to make a difference at ODU and in the community.
  • Build connections with peers, faculty, staff and alumni.
  • Develop a stronger understanding of your talents, beliefs, values and interests.
  • Create a personal vision of leadership and set goals to achieve your vision.
You must participate in ALL of the Emerging Leaders sessions/activities and identity two aspect of campus life to be involved with throughout the year. 
  • Program Dates
    You must be able to commit to attending all Emerging Leaders sessions and activities before you apply for the program

    Stay tuned for 2015-2016 program dates.
  • How to Apply

    To apply for ODU's Emerging Leaders, submit your application by October 31, 2015.

    Complete Application

Apsire volunteers
Aspire members volunteer throughout the community including serving meals at the local YMCA.
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Make a Difference Day
Community service is an important part of life at ODU. Students help our neighbors during fall and spring Make a Difference days.
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President's Society
Members of the President's Society help out at ODU Convocation and Commencement ceremonies and other University events.
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Panther Pitch In
Panther Pitch In, where the ODU Community helps spruce up campus in the spring, is a great opportunity for student leaders.
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Celebrating Leadership Awards
ODU's annual Celebrating Leadership Awards recognize the outstanding achievements and contributions of students, faculty and staff.
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