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ODU's Student Senate represents the full student body. Let us know your thoughts: come to a meeting, post a note on the bulletin board in Erskine or contact us directly! 

Your Officers

  • President: Theresea Varrasso
  • Vice President: Cassady Detrick
  • Secretary: Alex Chester
  • Treasurer: Carlene Clouse
  • Annual Senate Initiatives Committee Chair: Bethany Sheldon
  • Membership Relations Committee Chair: Emily Hardman

Mission Statement

The Ohio Dominican University Student Senate, being comprised of elected members of the student body, serve as leadership for the full student body and operates as a liaison connecting the Students, Administration, Faculty, Staff and Alumni. 

Student Senate exists for the purpose of representing the interests of the students and fostering a concrete and functional medium for open and civil communication among all constituencies; keeping within the policies and philosophies as set forth by the Ohio Dominican University mission.


Student Senate meetings are open to all students, and generally held on Monday afternoons. Check the Event Calendar for our next meeting.