• Florence, Italy

    "Sunset over Florence" by Steve Hersey is licensed under CC BY 2.0

    Florence, Italy
    Spring Term  & Trip 2014

    Study the architecturally rich cities of Florence and Venice. Then, experience them firsthand during a trip taken over Spring Break!

    The Renaissance, which means "rebirth," is widely acknowledged as having begun in Florence in the 14th century. This new era of learning, creative expression and scientific inquiry flowered and spread across Europe. Lasting until the 17th century, the Renaissance is considered the bridge between the Middle Ages and the Modern Era. Even today, the influence of the Renaissance is visible in the very fabric of the city - in its art, architecture, churches, gardens and public spaces.

    With its streets of water, Venice is unique in the world. In addition, its history and development were tied to its geography and its distinctive location on a series of small islands at the north end of the Adriatic Sea astride major routes of exploration and conquest. As a result, the city’s art and architecture are a blend of East and West unlike anything to be found in any other city.

    This course will focus on the political, religious, social and cultural contexts within which these cities flourished. The classroom will be the cities themselves, where we will experience the richness of the physical setting, and the city's heritage and culture that remain a vital part of modern Italian life.

    Course Information
    Course Name:  From Tuscany to Veneto: The Art, Architecture and Public Spaces of Florence and Venice 
    Course#:  Either HST 285 or ART 285
    Travel Time:  Spring Break 2014
    Credits:  Two credits first half of spring 2014
    One credit during Spring Break
    (Three credits total)
    (Instructors, Nancy Recchie and Jeff Darbee)
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    Dates: March 7-17, 2014
    Estimated fee: $3,200
    (Finanical assistance avail.)

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