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Ohio Dominican provides educators with relevant, accredited courses to help them stay current with best teaching practices while renewing their teaching licenses.

Our professional development courses are convenient and tailored for working teachers.
  • Courses are instructed by qualified district teachers or ODU faculty.
  • Other courses offered at schools or online.
  • Discounts available for teachers in the Columbus Diocese.
Review the course descriptions and details in the drop-down below and register today!

  • Columbus Diocese Professional Development Opportunities

    Ohio Dominican has partnered with the Columbus Diocese to offer the following courses to teachers for professional development credit:

    • Course Title:  Data Management for Improved Instruction
      Dates: October
       2021 to December 2021
       Diocese of Columbus Catholic Schools
      Number of Credits: 3


    Register Now

  • 2021 Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools Development Opportunities
    Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools (GJPS) has partnered with Ohio Dominican to offer Professional Development credit for teachers.  
    • Course Title: Responding to Student Writing Better and Faster
      Dates:  June 2021 -  August 2021
      Location: Gahanna- Jefferson Schools
      Number of Credits:1
      Cost: $165.00
    • Course Title: Teaching for ALL
      Dates:  June 2021 -  September 2021
      Location: Gahanna- Jefferson Schools
      Number of Credits:1
      Cost: $165.00
    • Course Title: Multisensory Math Instruction
      Dates:  June 2021 -  July 2021
      Location: Gahanna- Jefferson Schools
      Number of Credits: 3
      Cost: $495.00
    • Course Title: Math in Practice: A Guide for Teachers Book Study
      Dates:  August 2021 -  December 2021
      Location: Gahanna- Jefferson Schools
      Number of Credits: 1
      Cost: $165.00

    Register Now

  • Stay at ODU
    Coming to town for your professional development? 

    ODU offers on-campus accommodations for those enrolled in our professional development courses. Our campus is just minutes from  downtown Columbus and our comfortable residence halls offer you a fun living environment at an affordable price.

    Learn More
  • Offer Professional Development at Your School
    Ohio Dominican makes it easy and affordable to offer professional development opportunities to your teachers right in your school.

    No matter where they are in their careers, ODU's courses focus on outcomes that give your teachers - and their students - a competitive edge.

    We provide a range of classes that can be taught by qualified teachers in your district or by Ohio Dominican faculty. Classes can be held in your district, on ODU's campus or online.

    Get started today!
    • Submit your course proposal, syllabus and instructor's resume to Happiness Mapira at mapirah@ohiodominican.edu.
    • We'll review your proposal within five business days.
    • Once approved, we'll provide you with a registration link for teachers to enroll.


    Contact Happiness Mapira at mapirah@ohiodominican.edu. Phone (614) 251-7641.