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There are certain requirements for international students coming to the U.S. to study. Learn what information you need to know before and after you arrive.
  • All international students must obtain a social security card in order to be able to work. Please stop by the International Office for more information. Students need to apply for a social security number (SSN) before beginning work. This applies to working both on and off campus.
  • International students other than F-1 may enroll at Ohio Dominican University. Persons in A, B, G, I , K, L, N, J-2, H-1 and H-4 status, may attend classes but do not need to enroll full-time. F-2 visa holders may only enroll in part-time study that is recreational or avocational in nature, and may not enroll in any classes that will count toward a degree. For additional information, contact the International Office.

F-1 Status

  • Travel Signatures

    F-1 students who leave the U.S. for a break must take a signed I-20 from the International Director in order to re-enter the country. In order to re-enter the U.S. it is usually necessary to have a valid visa stamped in the passport. Please contact the International Education Office for additional information on the documents need for travel.

  • Program Extension
    If you are not able to complete your studies within the provided time frame listed on your I-20, you must stop by the International Education Office and request for an extension. 
  • On-Campus Employment
    You are permitted to work at Ohio Dominican University without special authorization from the USCIS.

    You are allowed to work no more than 20 hours during the Fall or Spring semesters.

    You may work more than 20 hours during summer vacation at the discretion of your supervisor, provided you intend to enroll full-time the following semester.
  • Off-Campus Employment

    If you have been in F-1 status for at least 9 months and maintained good academic standing, you may apply for authorization for off-campus employment. You may be eligible through Curricular Practical Training, Optional Practical Training or Economic Hardship.

    Curricular Practical Training
    You may be eligible for this training prior to your completion of studies when the curriculum practical training is an integral part of an established curriculum.

    Curricular practical training is defined to be employment that is required to complete graduation requirements or alternative work/study, internship, cooperative education, or any other type of required internship or practicum that is offered by sponsoring employers through cooperative agreements with the school.

    Optional Practical Training
    You may be eligible to be employed in a job which is directly related to your field of studies for up to one year. Some students will be eligible for additional work authorization depending on their major.

    Such employment may fall into three categories:
    • employment during your annual vacation if you enroll and intend to register for the next term;
    • employment while school is in session, provided that you work no more than 20 hours per week
    • employment after you have completed your studies.
    The International Student Advisor must recommend practical training on Form I-20. Forms I-20 and I-765 must be completed and submitted to USCIS in Nebraska. 
  • Economic Hardship

    If you need to work due to an economic need in which you had not foreseen and beyond your control, you may apply to immigration for an Employment Authorization Document (EAD). Contact the International Office.

    Student who have received one year or more of full-time curricular practical training are ineligible for post-completion practical training. Part-time curricular practical training is not counted toward the one year threshold at which a student loses eligibility for post completion practical training.

  • Employment of Dependents
    F-2 dependents of students are not allowed to work at any time.