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Exam Gloves

ODU Community Donates Medical Items in Response to COVID-19 Crisis

Campus offices and university partners recently donated items to health care and community workers.

Apr 1, 2020
The Ohio Dominican University (ODU) community has donated a variety of medical supplies to support health care and community workers during the current COVID-19 coronavirus crisis.

This past week, campus offices and university partners donated the following items:

  • Athletic training staff donated three boxes of exam gloves to the United Way of Central Ohio, and a large bottle of hand sanitizer to the Dominican Sisters of Peace, ODU’s founding congregation.

  • Sodexo, ODU’s housekeeping and food services provider, donated a case of 1,000 exam gloves to the Dominican Sisters of Peace.

  • ODU’s Physician Assistant Studies master’s program donated 30 boxes of exam gloves, 10 reusable protective eyewear, 10 disposable lab coats, one box of face shields, five bottles of hand sanitizer and 92 surgical gowns to Mohun Health Care Center, a 72-bed licensed and certified extended care facility for vowed and ordained religious and immediate family of the Dominican Sisters of Peace.

    “During this time of crisis, it's vitally important that organizations who have access to this life-saving equipment donate it to the brave workers who are on the front lines of this epidemic,” said Shonna Riedlinger, MSPAS, PA-C, assistant professor and director of ODU’s PA program. “I'm proud that Ohio Dominican was able to play a small role in helping to equip the health care workers in our neighboring Mohun Health Care Center with the equipment they need to safely care for patients.”