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Anne Lombardi ODU Wellness Video Still

ODU Produces Videos to Promote Physical and Mental Wellness Amid COVID-19 Crisis

The videos were created by staff in ODU's Wellness Center.

Apr 3, 2020

Staff in Ohio Dominican University’s (ODU’s) Wellness Center has produced a series of videos that addresses a range of physical and mental health concerns and needs that individuals may experience during the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis.

Videos that highlight mental health needs and strategies feature Anne Lombardi, MA, LPCC-S, a Licensed Professional Counselor and Director of ODU’s Wellness Center, and Kate Levine, MA, LPC, a Licensed Professional Counselor. Counseling interns Aryn Miller, BA, CT, and Abby Fox, BA, CT, also contributed to the videos.

Videos that highlight physical health concerns and tips feature Jamie Kemp, MPAS, PA-C, a Certified Physician Assistant and Director of ODU Health Services.

“This is an incredibly stressful and anxious time for many individuals, and it is extremely important that everyone has access to sound practices and techniques that can help them during this uncertain time,” said Lombardi. “It is our hope that people both within and beyond the ODU community see these videos as a valuable and helpful resource.”

“Unfortunately, we are not able to physically see patients in person, so one of the best ways we can continue to support our students’ physical and mental health needs is through video,” said Kemp. “We will continue to produce these videos throughout this difficult time to help ensure the overall wellness of our community.”

Videos that Promote Mental Wellness
Series 1: Stress and Anxiety

  • Introduction
  • Square Breathing
  • Healing Light 
  • A Safe Place
  • Get Out Into Nature
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  • 5-4-3-2-1
  • Mindfulness
  • Pets and Stress Management
  • Guatemalan Worry Dolls

  • Series 2: Seeking Calm in the Storm
  • Seeking the Calm in the Storm: Part 1
  • Seeking the Calm in the Storm: Part 2
  • Seeking the Calm in the Storm: Part 3
  • Seeking the Calm in the Storm: Part 4
  • Seeking the Calm in the Storm: Part 5

  • Series 3: Interpersonal Skills
  • Communication Styles
  • Magic Carpet Ride
  • Family Jar
  • Relationships During Quarantine

    Videos that Promote Physical Wellness

  • Proper Handwashing
  • Telehealth