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Screenshot of virtual celebration

Students, Faculty and Staff Recognized for Academic Achievement and Contributions

ODU held its annual Celebrating Leadership and Academic Awards Ceremony virtually on May 1, 2020.

May 8, 2020

Ohio Dominican University students, faculty and staff were recognized for their outstanding academic achievement and contributions at the university’s annual Celebrating Leadership and Academic Awards Ceremony, which was held virtually on Friday, May 1, 2020.

Student Leadership Awards
Outstanding Leadership through Community Service Award – Rachel Smith
Diversity in Action Award – Ta’Sha Charles
Dominican Spirit Award – Dameka Johnson
Panther Pride Award – Osbourne Chenjerai
Emerging Leader Award – Patrina Sellu
Outstanding Leader Award – Emma Bergman

Academic Awards
David Allan Hamilton Christopher Award – Emily Hardman
T. Kline Hamilton Award – Margaret Smith & Jillian Vogt
Bishop Edward J. Hermann Award – Eric Ingram
Sr. Maryanna Childs Writing Award – Miriam Ponce

Joseph A. & Florence W. Lisska Award – Skiila Richardson & Jakeha Russell
Vice President for Academic Affairs’ Awards for Academic Excellence – Alissa Mast, Eric Matthews, Logan Brewer, Maya Steller, Jacqueline Fryman, Kelly Mix, Brittany Burd, Daniel Salmonowicz, Emily Hardman, and Erin Upp

Division Awards
Early Childhood Student Teacher of the Year – Rachel Doran
Middle Childhood Student Teacher of the Year – Cassidy Long
Adolescent & Young Adult Student Teacher of the Year – Lindsey Rentzsch
Intervention Specialist Student Teacher of the Year – Mackenzie Gruenbaum
Educational Studies Student of the Year – Morgan Littin
TESOL Student Teacher of the Year – Heba Omar

Outstanding Student in Accounting – Colten Oakley
Outstanding Student in Business Administration – Terrin McCullough
Outstanding Student in Economics – Eric Ingram
Outstanding Student in Finance – Foster Martin
Outstanding Student in Risk Management & Insurance – Shadena Carter
Outstanding Student in PR & Marketing Communications – Grace Frantz
Outstanding Student in Sport Management – Hannah Clark
Outstanding Senior in Psychology – Lylah Edmunds
Outstanding Senior in Social Work – Sydnie Everette
Outstanding Senior in Biology – Emma Romine & Daniel Salmonowicz
Outstanding Senior in Exercise Science – Alissa Mast & Austin Wilson
Outstanding Senior in Chemistry – Emma Bergman
Outstanding Senior in Computing – Mark Wray
Outstanding Student in Environmental Science – Jasmin Walton
Outstanding Senior in Mathematics – Emily Hardman
Outstanding Senior in Integrated Mathematics – Emily Hardman
Outstanding Student in English – Emma Art
Outstanding English Writer – Margaret Smith & Christina Dresdow

Academic Resource Center Awards
2020 Math Tutor of the Year –  Bailey Line
2020 Subject Specific Tutor of the Year – Sean Noll (Anatomy/Physiology)
2020 Writing Tutor of the Year – Erin Upp
2020 Review and Process (RAP) Leader of the Year (Facilitating Peer-Led Team Learning) – Lauren Staats (Chemistry)
2020 Outstanding Faculty Support for RAP – Dan Little, Ph.D., assistant professor of Chemistry
2020 CRLA Level 1 Certifications (International Peer Tutor Certification, Level 1, Certified Tutor) – Cody Gates, Eric Ingram, Theresa Jacobs, Sean Noll, Ryan Scaduto, Lauren Staats, Adam Von der Embse, Brandon Wehrle, Ashley Wihl, and Makala Tyree
2020 CRLA Level 2 Certifications (International Peer Tutor Certification, Level 2, Advanced Certified Tutor) – Ismail Alhindi and Eric Ingram

Senior Servant Leader Recognitions – Emma Romine, Eric Ingram and Rebecca Zornick

Faculty and Staff Awards
Conley Award for Outstanding Teaching – Kristall Day, Ph.D., associate professor of Education
Bishop James A. Griffin Exemplary Staff Member Award – Anne Lombardi, director of the Wellness Center
R.W. Carstens Humanities Endowment – Jeremy Glazier, associate professor of English