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New Database - Mergent

New Database for Industry Research!

Feb 25, 2021

The library would like to showcase a recent addition to our business databases: Mergent Online. It has replaced our S&P NetAdvantage database. 

Some of its highlights:

  • ICB Industry Reports - ICB Industry Reports display characteristics of a given Industry based on Russell 1000 index membership. Bottom up calculated fundamentals, comparative data, and top member characteristics are displayed through a variety of tables and charts.
  • Mergent Reports - Industry reports that cover 20 of the largest global industries, with coverage for North America, Europe, Asia, and global geographic areas. Report content includes: Current Environment, Industry Profile, Key Points, Key References, Market Trends & Outlook. Most current reports listed first.
  • Company financials, ratios, filings
  • Company synopsis, history, subsidiaries, segments, executives, committees
  • Equity pricing, including historical pricing

For those interested in using the database, we have several PDF guides on how to find much of the information above in this database, available from our Business Research Guide and some of our other related research guides. For additional assistance, you can ask a librarian--we're always happy to help!