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ODU Students in Classroom

Ohio Dominican to Host Ohio Bankers League’s Summer Institute

The free statewide program is open to 100 college students who are currently enrolled at an Ohio college or university.

Feb 7, 2022

Ohio Dominican University (ODU) has partnered with the Ohio Bankers League (OBL) to host its 2022 Summer Banking Institute. The annual Institute is an immersive program designed to encourage diversity, deepen understanding and promote a broad base of talent in Ohio’s banking industry. The two-week, campus-based boot camp component of the Institute will take place May 15-28, 2022 on ODU’s campus at 1216 Sunbury Road, Columbus, 43219. Some courses may also be available remotely to accommodate students who live or attend college outside of Central Ohio. On-campus housing will be provided to participants free of charge.

The free statewide program is open to 100 college students who are currently enrolled at an Ohio college or university. While all academic disciplines are invited to apply, the program may be best suited for those studying economics, accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, information technology and general business. Students who are interested in participating can request an application by contacting OBL’s representative to ODU, Kimberley Mason, at kmason@ohiobankersleague.com. ODU students should contact Dr. Ken Fah fahk@ohiodominican.edu or Dr. Doug Ruml rumld@ohiodominican.edu.

During the two-week boot camp component of the program at Ohio Dominican, students will have an opportunity to learn directly from bankers and ODU professors in a classroom setting about a wide range of topics including mortgage lending, retail banking, commercial and investment banking, and cyber security protocols. In addition to serving as a customer service associate, additional career tracks include wealth management, investment management and trading, sales, information technology, marketing, credit analysis, lending and others.

Following the in-class component, students will spend 12 weeks completing a paid internship with an Ohio bank where they will gain hands-on experience. During the internship, students will be required to complete 10 weeks of weekly learning modules to help assist and develop their role as an emerging professional. The weekly learning modules will offer courses on financial literacy, cultural competency, lending practices, mergers and acquisitions, and sales.

“Among the many strengths and points of pride for Ohio Dominican is our diverse population and our commitment to providing students with a hands-on education, both of which align closely with the objectives of this program,” said Manuel Martinez, Ph.D., Vice President for Academic Affairs at ODU. “More than one-third of our undergraduate students identify as African American, Hispanic or Latino, and we are excited to work with partners like the Ohio Bankers League to help build a talent pipeline to better support the needs of this growing industry while providing ODU students and those from across the state with an opportunity to prepare for professional success in this important field.”

“The OBL is thrilled to expand our already successful Summer Banking Institute (SBI) statewide and welcome ODU as a partner in that effort,” said Michael Adelman, OBL’s President and CEO. “Building a diverse talent pipeline for Ohio banks remains a top priority for our industry. SBI is the first step to creating a rewarding career in banking and we encourage students from all background and disciplines to consider joining.”