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Dr. John Marazita shaking a student honorees' hand at ODU's annual Celebrating Academic and Leadership Awards Ceremony.

ODU Students Recognized for Leadership and Academic Achievement

Congratulations to ODU's student honorees!

Apr 26, 2022

Dozens of Ohio Dominican University students were recognized for their outstanding academic achievement and contributions during the university’s annual Celebrating Leadership and Academic Awards Ceremony on April 25, 2022.

The following individuals and organizations were recognized during the ceremony.

Student Leadership Awards
Diversity in Action Award – Takunda Mandinde
Dominican Spirit Award – Anastasiia Holovchenko
Panther Pride Award – NaMare Pryor
Emerging Leader Award – Jadelyn McNerney and Cierra Battiste
Outstanding Leader Award – Alyssa Mattern
Program of the Year Award – St. Albert’s STEM Club’s STEMinar Series
Student Organization of the Year Award – Palette Club

Academic Awards
David Allan Hamilton Christopher Award – Bailey Williams and Danielle Fisher
T. Kline Hamilton Award – Andrew Berger
Bishop Edward J. Hermann Award – Sean Noll
Joseph A. & Florence W. Lisska Award – Dejah Freeman, Ken Koech, Asyana Steele and Chantelle Chenjerai
Judith C. Mitchell Award in Creative Writing – Bonnie Eugenia for her poem, “101”
Sr. Maryanna Childs Writing Award – Danielle Fisher
Vice President for Academic Affairs’ Awards for Academic Excellence – Annmarie Haemmerle, Mia Thatcher, Brandon Wehrle, Denise Katafiasz, Mackenzie Fleming, Thapasvi Anantha, Daniella Temesvary, Kaylee Zimpfer, Nathaniel Amaya and Danielle Fisher
R.W. Carstens Humanities Endowment – Art Department (accepted by Dr. Janette Knowles), Program for Music (accepted by Jeremy Glazier), History (accepted by Christopher Blubaugh), Criminal Justice (accepted by Dr. Sonya Goshe), Theatre Program (accepted by Dr. Anne Witzky) and Honors Program (accepted by Dr. John Marazita).

Academic Resource Center Awards
Writing Tutor of the Year – Brayden Steller
Subject-Specific Tutor of the Year – Bridget Kirkpatrick (Mathematics & Science)
Review and Process (RAP) Leader of the Year – Sean Noll (Anatomy & Physiology)
Outstanding Faculty Support for RAP – Graham Weaver (Anatomy & Physiology)

Academic Resource Center Tutor Training Certifications
Level 1 – Paige Boehringer, Maryam Elmajdoubi, Bridget Kirkpatrick, Daniella Sanchez and Brayden Steller
Level 2 – Arianna Barckhoff, Bridget Kirkpatrick, Sean Noll, Amanda Remmetter and Brayden Steller