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March is Women's History Month

Celebrate women's history month with the Library!

Mar 1, 2023

A celebration of Women’s History Month is happening at the library throughout the month of March. A special library display commemorates and encourages the study and observance of the critical role of women in American history. Various books, all available for checkout, explore the history of women’s rights and/or discuss issues women still face today.

Women’s History Month was first observed in 1987 and has roots in the March 8, 1857 protest of working women in New York City about their working conditions. A more in-depth collection of titles of books, articles, and websites has been curated by librarian Tim Sandusky; you can view the list of titles here. We are happy to help you find more sources for research pertaining to women’s history. Ask in-person at the library front desk or email us at refdesk@ohiodominican.edu or odulibrary@ohiodominican.edu