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Appalachian Ohio Manufacturers' Coalition Logo

ODU Announces Partnership with Appalachian Ohio Manufacturers’ Coalition

This new partnership is designed to help prepare the next generation of leaders in the state’s manufacturing sector.

Mar 16, 2023

The Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE) at Ohio Dominican University (ODU) has partnered with the Appalachian Ohio Manufacturers’ Coalition (AOMC) to help prepare the next generation of leaders in the state’s manufacturing sector.

Through this partnership, participating AOMC companies and their skilled professionals will work alongside ODU students to help them understand how their manufacturing organization operates, the challenges they face, and steps taken to overcome those challenges. In addition, students will have greater access to internship opportunities during their studies at ODU, as well as potential career opportunities following graduation.

AOMC organizations benefit by having access to student talent, skills and knowledge; opportunities to secure student interns during the summer or academic year; and potentially hiring students upon graduation to support their workforce needs.

“We are thrilled to work with AOMC and support the important work the coalition is doing in southeastern Ohio,” said Dr. Natalie Kompa, Director of ODU’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. “This partnership will allow our students to gain relevant hands-on experience and learn directly from experts in the manufacturing industry, which is critical to the professional success of those who aspire to work in this important field. I look forward to seeing how AOMC member companies are able to leverage our incredibly talented students to help them achieve their organizational goals, while supporting industry growth across the state.”

“It is essential for AOMC to align with strong university partners,” said AOMC Director James Ruble. “ODU offers our partners a great opportunity to enhance integrated manufacturing curriculum, education and training programs.”

AOMC is a nonprofit organization founded in 2019. It offers the opportunity for manufacturers across southeastern Ohio to work together to accomplish critical change to our economic future. AOMC is now working to partner with schools and universities all over Ohio to introduce the manufacturing industry to the next generation of workers and innovators.