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Do you have a passion for singing? Then you're a perfect fit for Ohio Dominican University's outstanding Chorus! At Ohio Dominican, students can participate in a variety of performing ensembles, music courses and music lessons.

About ODU Chorus & How to Get Involved

The Ohio Dominican University Chorus is a mixed choral ensemble that provides study and experience in a variety of choral literature, and participates in many special university events such as the President’s Dinner, holiday programs, Baccalaureate and others. At least one formal concert is performed each semester, and outreach performances may be scheduled for the purpose of recruitment and advocacy for ODU.

  • Interested students must have clear vocal tone, the ability to match pitch, and the capacity to sustain a harmonic line. Auditions for placement may be held during summer orientation, the weekend prior to the start of classes, or by appointment.
  • The University Chorus rehearses from 7 - 9:30 p.m. every Monday during the school year.
  • Students interested in the University Chorus must be enrolled at ODU and in MUS 123.

Academic & Scholarship Opportunities

  • Through active participation in University Chorus, students can earn academic credit.
  • Scholarships are available to enrolled singers. 
  • ODU also offers a minor in Music available to students majoring in any field.

Who to Contact

Sheila Cafmeyer, M.M.E.
Director, University Chorus
Ohio Dominican University 
1216 Sunbury Road 
Columbus OH 43219 
(614) 251-6719 

Watch & Listen


More Information

  • Chorus FAQs
    Are there scholarships available?
    Yes, if the student is registered in MUS 123, then that student may be eligible for a financial aid grant. Please note, that once this institutional grant is applied, it may change your eligibility for other monies in your financial aid package, so you may or may not see a reduction in your tuition responsibilities.

    I participated in my church or high school choir, but I still can’t read music. Can I still participate?
    Yes, singers of all reading levels are welcome. Reading instructions will be taught within the course.

    I haven't participated in a choir before, but I love to sing. Can I still participate?
    Yes, singers who possess the ability to match pitch and create clear vocal tone will be able to participate in the program.

    Is there an audition involved?
    Yes, there will be an audition at the start of each semester to evaluate skill level and establish vocal placement within the ensemble. If the director determines that your ears are not ready for the challenges of choral singing, individual lessons can be arranged.

    My class/work schedule conflicts with rehearsals. Can I still participate?
    Choral singing is a group activity, so it is critical that all members are able to rehearse as a team. Conflicting schedules are discussed on an individual basis. Please contact the director.

    Are there music classes available?
    Yes, we currently offer a minor in music that is available to students majoring in any field at ODU.

    What other performance opportunities are available?
    Depending on the size and ability of the groups, there will be opportunities to sing at other community and diocesan events from local charities to professional conferences. Some of the groups may even tour to promote the university at high schools and to recruit prospective students.
  • Other Performing Opportunities
    Students may create their own small ensembles such as a vocal jazz ensemble, a cappella group, barbershop quartet, and other styles.

    Students are also able to take private lessons and give a recital on any instrument with the consent of the approved instructor.
  • Liturgical Music Opportunities
    At Ohio Dominican University, music plays a very important role in our liturgical celebrations. If you have an interest in singing or playing an instrument for Mass at ODU, please contact Campus Ministry at campusministry@ohiodominican.edu for more information.

    All students are welcome to join in our music ministry.