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Assistant Professor & Medical Director

Physician Assistant Studies

Sansbury Hall, Room 228

  • M.D., Ohio State University
  • B.A., Northwestern University

Dr. Michael Weinstock is Medical Director of Ohio Dominican University’s Physician Assistant Studies program and teaches the fall 2nd year course, Clinical Decisions.

Dr. Weinstock also serves as Professor of Emergency Medicine, adjunct in the Department of Emergency Medicine of The Ohio State University’s College of Medicine, and the Associate Program Director and director of Research and CME at the Adena Emergency Medicine Residency.

He holds a B.A. in Economics from Northwestern University and an M.D. from Ohio State University College of Medicine. He completed his family practice residency at Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus. 

Following his first year of residency, Dr. Weinstock spent six months as a volunteer doctor in Papua New Guinea, Nepal, and the West Indies. 

A native of Canton, Dr. Weinstock comes from a long line of physicians. His father is an ophthalmologist; both grandfathers were surgeons; and his great grandfather was a barber-surgeon in Russia. 

He is the author of multiple publications including Bouncebacks! Emergency Department Cases: ED Returns, encompassing 30 patients presenting to the Emergency Department who were sent home only to return (bounce back) in worsening condition.  Following the success of this title, a series of publications followed, including Bouncebacks! Medical and Legal, an in-depth exploration of 10 “bounceback” cases which went to jury trial or settlement with medical and legal commentary; Bouncebacks! Pediatrics; and Bouncebacks! Critical Care to be released in 2020. In addition to this successful series Dr. Weinstock has published The Resident's Guide to Ambulatory Care which will be released in its 8th edition in 2020. 

Dr. Weinstock has lectured extensively nationally and internationally on medical topics and risk management/patient safety issues and has developed a unique risk management tool.