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Nicole Powell

Assistant Professor & Academic Coordinator

Physician Assistant Studies

St. Albert Hall

  • Ph.D., Ohio State University
  • M.S., Youngstown State University
  • B.S., John Carroll University

Dr. Nicole Damico Powell is an Assistant Professor and Academic Coordinator for the Physician Assistant Studies program at Ohio Dominican University. 

Prior to coming to ODU, Dr. Powell advised and taught undergraduate, graduate, and professional students at Ohio State University Colleges of Dentistry and Medicine in the laboratory and in the classroom.

Dr. Powell believes in and has benefited greatly from an interdisciplinary approach to clinical education, training, and research. She has had a long-standing interest in understanding factors that contribute to autoimmune and infectious disease onset, exacerbation, and resolution.

Her research has been published in top-tier scientific journals, she has authored several reviews and book chapters, and her work has been presented nationally and internationally.

She is currently a co-investigator or a consultant on three National Institutes of Health-sponsored research studies which focus on the influence of stress on immunity and behavior.

Dr. Powell joined the Physician Assistant Studies faculty at Ohio Dominican University in 2012 and teaches and coordinates graduate courses in Biomedical Science as well as undergraduate Immunology.

In addition to her professional life, Dr. Powell is a wife and a mother of three. In her spare time she enjoys reading, writing, cooking, and spending time with her family.