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Shonna Riedlinger

Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs

St. Albert Hall, Room 210

  • M.MSc., Midwestern University
  • B.S., Bowling Green State University

Shonna Riedlinger is Acting Vice President of Academic Affairs. Prior to this role, she served as Program Director and Assistant Professor for the Physician Assistant Studies Program and the Division of Mathematics, Computer and Natural Sciences at Ohio Dominican University. 

Professor Riedlinger graduated in 1998 from Midwestern University’s graduate PA program. She has worked as a PA in the Emergency Medicine for 15 years at Mount Carmel St. Ann’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio while employed by Immediate Health Associates. 

During that time, she has been a PA student preceptor for more than 10 years for PA programs in Ohio and surrounding states and coordinated student rotations.

In addition to her clinical work, she was the Clinical Supervisor for the Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners working in the emergency department at Mount Carmel St Ann’s prior to coming to ODU. 

She participated in hospital leadership and continuous quality improvement committees. She was a Board Member for Immediate Health Associates Inc., a member of the Human Resource Committee, Management team and coordinated the MLP scheduling for the emergency department. 

Professor Riedlinger worked as a Clinical Dietitian prior to going to PA school. She was the Clinical Nutrition Manager at Fairfield Medical Center in Lancaster Ohio.

Prior to her management position, she worked as a Certified Nutrition Support Dietitian focusing on assessing the nutritional needs of critically ill patients at Western Pennsylvania Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA and at St. Paul Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. 

Professor Riedlinger’s interests include evidence based medicine and furthering the process of integrating Physician Assistants into the Health Care Team through PA education, clinical relationships, and research.   

She continues to work 3-4 shifts monthly in the Emergency Department. She is active in community service and has recently been named a Board of Trustee for Mohun Nursing Home.

Shonna is married and a mother of two children and enjoys spending time and creating adventures with her family.