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Tom Eveland

Director of Graduate Programs in Business

Academic Affairs - Business

Sansbury Hall 261

  • Ph.D., Ohio University
  • MBA, Keller Graduate School of Management
  • B.A., DeVry University

Dr. Thomas Eveland is currently the director of graduate programs of business at Ohio Dominican University and teaches online and onsite classes in business and finance.

His past research centered on studying, writing about, and advocating for first-generation college students. More recently, Dr. Eveland has focused on writing about his experiences in the world of small business, higher education's role and effectiveness in preparing future entrepreneurs, and consulting with startups from a variety of industries. His work has been published in the United States and the United Kingdom and he has presented at many academic conferences.

Dr. Eveland has a Bachelor in Business from DeVry University and an MBA (Finance) from its Keller Graduate School of Management. He holds a Ph.D. from Ohio University. He credits his ability to effectively communicate with students to his combination of academic training and time “in the trenches” working as, and with, entrepreneurs.