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Associate Professor & Director of TESOL Program


Sansbury Hall, Room 133

  • D.A., Illinois State University
  • M.A., University of North Carolina
  • B.A., University of North Carolina

Timothy A. Micek, D.A., is an Associate Professor in the Division of Education and Director of the Master of Arts in TESOL program at Ohio Dominican University.

Dr. Micek earned the Doctor of Arts in English from Illinois State University, where he completed his dissertation, "Effects of Dedicated Reading on ESL Writing," under the direction of Margaret S. "Peg" Steffensen.

Among other activities at ISU, he won the 1992 Illinois TESOL/BE $1,000 Scholarship in Honor of Virginia Welninski and chaired the 1991 Illinois TESOL/BE Graduate Student Conference.

When he first came to Ohio Dominican, Dr. Micek taught ESL, TESOL and other courses. Since becoming director, he has focused on TESOL, including foundations, linguistics, research, and practicum/student teaching.

He has published several articles in peer-reviewed publications and made numerous presentations at professional meetings. His research interests include program administration and development, professionalism, reflective teaching, and clinical supervision. He has done extensive service in the field.

Dr. Micek is a member of the Ohio ELL Assessment Advisory Board Committee and served two terms as the Research/Teacher Education/Applied Linguistics Interest Section Representative on the Ohio TESOL Board of Directors. He co-developed the English as an Additional Language handbook for edTPA. 

He participated in the Ohio Performance Assessment Pilot Project and the Ohio Department of Education ELL Standards Workgroup. He also coordinated the Bilingual Interpreter Training Program for the state of Ohio and was a certified examiner for the Michigan English Language Assessment Battery (MELAB).

Dr. Micek has taught in China and Korea, and he has traveled to Greece, Italy and Saudi Arabia, the latter on a Joseph J. Malone Faculty Fellowship from the National Council on United States-Arab Relations.