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The Dominican Spirit Award has been established by the Ohio Dominican University Leadership Team to recognize one faculty and one staff member each year who exemplify the four pillars of Dominican Life:

  • Study – Seek truth always with an emphasis on the quality/dignity of life.
  • Service – Find a positive outreach in a practical way that fosters a search for truth.
  • Community – Live with other persons in peace and harmony to heal the world.
  • Prayer – Growth in a spiritual relationship with God and self, including all of creation.


To be eligible the nominee must be a full- or part-time member of the staff at Ohio Dominican and a full-time or adjunct member of the faculty at Ohio Dominican University for a minimum of three (3) years. Recipients must be ODU employees at the time of the University Awards Luncheon.


Nominations may be submitted by any member of the faculty or staff through an online Formstack form. For 2019, the nomination window will open on February 4, and nominations will be accepted through Friday, March 8. Updates on the nomination process will be communicated through The ODU Weekly e-newsletter.


  • Describe the nominee in terms of their contribution to the University, its people and/or programs as it relates to the four pillars described above.
  • Understanding that the four pillars can be interpreted quite broadly, considerable leeway will be given to ensure that the dedication and goodwill demonstrated by employees in a wide variety of ways across our campus may be recognized by this award.

Selection Process:

During the week of March 18, 2019, the nominees will be screened by a committee led by the director of HR, Amy Thomas. Finalists for each category (faculty and staff) will be submitted to a selection committee made up of three sisters from the Dominican Sisters of Peace. Recipients will be chosen in March and recognized at the University Awards Luncheon on April 10, 2019.