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Assurance Associate

What do you do at PricewaterhouseCoopers? 

I work in Assurance in the Private Company Service department where I assist clients with the auditing services of their financial statements and internal controls.

How did Ohio Dominican prepare you for your professional career? 

Ohio Dominican gave me more than just a diverse educational experience. I learned how to handle and take on the real world through situations and experiences that took place at Ohio Dominican in and out of the classroom. The professors did an exceptional job of preparing me for what to expect in my field.

How did you get your job with PwC? 

During my sophomore year at Ohio Dominican, I gave a speech at an event held in downtown Columbus about a scholarship I had received. As it turned out, that engagement was attended by representatives from several large companies throughout Ohio. Following my speech, a representative from a company in Cleveland approached me and told me she knew a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers and that I should send my resume to PwC, which I did.

The next summer, I attended a breakfast with recruiters from PwC, who offered me an internship over the summer following my senior year and before my fifth year at ODU, during which I achieved my MBA [through the 4+1 Program]. Following that internship, I not only had an offer for a second internship during my fifth year at ODU, but also for a full-time job at PwC after graduating in the spring 2013.

Looking back, what doors did your ODU education open for you professionally? 

Attending ODU allowed me to grow in many areas. I was challenged. I was stretched, mentally, spiritually, both in and out of the classroom. That is something I know students don't receive at every school.

What would you say to a current or prospective ODU student who aspires to work for a major firm, like you? 

I would say hit the ground running in the classroom the first day you step on campus. The reason I was able to do the things that I did was because I did my best to take care of business in the classroom. Once you do that, things will open up for you like you never imagined. My advice would also be to get involved in as many things as you can and take on different leadership roles throughout the campus. Large firms want to see individuals who are not only dedicated in their studies, but focused on growing as a leader and willing to try new experiences.

What sets ODU apart from other universities you could have attended? 

Opportunity and the community feel. If I would have gone to a different university, I may have done as well in the classroom, but I wouldn't have developed the close relationships with my professors like I did at ODU. I also think that ODU allowed me to get involved in several different leadership roles.

Why did you choose ODU? 

I chose Ohio Dominican for the small-school feel that also brought about a great community environment. From the moment I stepped on campus for the first visit, I felt a sense of community and it never changed throughout my time at ODU.

What is your fondest memory at ODU? 

Being at ODU for five years to receive an education, I can't say that I have just one fond memory. My entire experience at ODU is my fondest moment.

How proud are you to be an ODU Alumnus? 

It truly brings me great joy to say that I am an alumnus of Ohio Dominican University. I take pride in being an alumnus and it’s something I will always treasure.