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Arts Education


Alexandria, Ohio – Northridge High School

  • Resident Assistant
  • Student Ambassador
  • Women of Worth
  • Black Student Union
  • Resident Hall Association
  • Asian and Latinx Student Association
  • Panther Activities Council
  • Palette Club
  • Diversity in Action

Why did you choose to attend Ohio Dominican University?
I chose Ohio Dominican because of its terrific education program and the small campus community. 

How do you stay involved at ODU?
I stay involved at ODU by participating in numerous clubs and taking advantage of opportunities on campus to help. My involvement has allowed me to learn so many things and have so many wonderful experiences. 

Have you participated in any internships?
Over the summer, I had the opportunity to teach a ceramics art camp for teens, and also assist at a camp for kids aged 6-12. My art adviser, Dr. Janette Knowles, was the one who told me about the camps and put in touch with the teacher for ceramics. This experience helped me prepare for my career by spending nine hours a day with children, and by learning firsthand the complexities of a classroom and those who fill it. 

What is your most memorable moment at ODU?
My most memorable moments at ODU are the special moments I’ve spent with the people who helped me throughout college, especially the moments that we laughed until we cried. They helped to make my college experience worthwhile. 

What do you want to do after graduation?
After graduation I hope to teach high school art in a public school. I will then pursue my master’s in fine arts and eventually go back to school to earn a Ph.D. in either education or art history.

What is one unique experience you’ve had at ODU that has helped you grow personally, professionally and/or spiritually?
One unique experience was having the opportunity to hang professional artwork in the Wehrle Art Gallery. This experience helped me grow as a person, classmate, and professional. It also provided me with behind-the-scenes knowledge of all the hard work and hours spent to create a wonderful show. 

Why are you proud to be an ODU student?
I'm proud to be an ODU student because no matter what you're interested in, there are other students and faculty members who are excited to help you explore your passion and succeed.