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Melody Menefield Student of the Week

Public Relations & Marketing Communications


Westerville, Ohio

  • Student Senate
  • Black Student Union
  • Women of Worth 
  • Color Guard
  • Peer Advisor
  • Student Ambassador
  • Step-Up
  • Emerging Leaders
  • Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc.

Why did you choose to attend Ohio Dominican University?
I enjoyed my campus tour and loved the family atmosphere at ODU. Trip Hopkins, one of Ohio Dominican’s admission counselors, helped me realize that Ohio Dominican was the perfect school for me. 

How do you stay involved at ODU?
I knew that I wanted to make a mark on campus before I graduated, so I’ve gotten involved with as many activities and organizations as possible.

Have you participated in any internships?
I’ve had many internships, but my favorite was probably with the Career Development Center. They helped me discover what I want to do after I graduate, which is to work in higher education and help students get into college.

What is your most memorable moment at ODU?
As a Student Ambassador, I have the opportunity to give campus tours to prospective students and their families, and I do everything I can to ensure every tour is my best. Last year many students came up to me after they had been accepted and told me I was the reason they decided to come to ODU. It was great knowing that I had finally made the impact I wanted. I’ve always known that I wanted to help people, and my work in admissions helped me discover my passion.

What is one unique experience you’ve had at ODU that has helped you grow personally, professionally and/or spiritually?
College is about growing, and Ohio Dominican has really helped me grow, become more confident, and find self-love, which is really important in life.

Why are you proud to be an ODU student?
I love all of the amazing people at Ohio Dominican. I’ve found my forever friend that I can always rely on, and the great people that I get to see every day make me so happy.